Do Sikhs Still Need to Be Warriors?


In this short video interview with Camp Miri Piri teacher, Shanti Kaur Khalsa, she explains the modern essence and importance of the warrior spirit within Sikhi. From her perspective it is important for us to continue to be fearless defenders of those who are not as strong or as lucky as we are, not so much on the battlefield, but in our homes, communities, courtrooms, boardrooms, in our offices and at the grocery store.

You are invited to join us at Camp Miri Piri 2018, Espanola, NM, USA on Friday, June 8th thru Tuesday, June 12th.

Our theme for 2018 is “Walking on the Guru’s Path”

Click here to visit the Camp Miri Piri website for more info

Thank you to Sikhnet for this video.  To view many other awesome videos by Sikhnet, visit the Sikhnet YouTube Channel

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