Journey Into the Heart of Sikh Dharma Testimonial

Commitment IS the first step to happiness.

 Here I am to express my deepest gratitude for this amazing and fulfilling Journey into the Heart of the Sikh Dharma which certainly forged strong bonds between the 12 of us. From a flyer landed in my hand as I just took my Sikh Vows the last day of the European Yoga Festival to this last assignment : Yes, I have grown so much in deepening my relationship with myself, my dharma and the Shabd Guru.

This Sikh University has been a precious compass through this last eight months. Thanks to the exchanges with my buddies around the world, I felt closer to them, I experienced « the other is me ». Their presence was a huge support to this intuitive and heartfelt decision that fell on me to join this Dharma and which is now leading my life into a flow of Joy and Prosperity.

 Acquiring knowledge from international high quality speakers, now I am confident I am on the right Path towards my true self, my consciousness of authenticity, my ability to serve others, my capability to merge with the sangat into the One and my quality to be devoted to the Guru and his Word.

 My challenge was to know better what I want, to dare to give my own vision, to express it clearly, to listen carefully to the other in order to give him/her an acute feedback aiming to elevate both the other and myself.

From this experience, I understand that I will always be a seeker, a student, simply a Sikh, amazed by the diversity of the Sikh Dharma topics and eager to learn more in order to share endlessly and, as Yogiji suggested, to raise students « ten times better than me ».

 Most of all, thank you to our precious and unique facilitator, Mata Mandir Kaur, for her unconditional love, her kindness, her gift of Excellence, her unfailing support, her openness, her faith in us, her optimism and her flexibility, encouraging us to deliver « at any cost » and in the middle of the roller coaster of our daily life, the nectar of our Self !

 By Guru’s grace, may this tele-course « Journey into the Heart of Sikh Dharma » live long so that we can to take it over and over again….

Sat Nam

Sat Nishan Kaur, Lausanne, Switzerland – 22/04/2014

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