Kundalini Yoga Festival Chile: An Experience of Service

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Hari Avtar Singh from Chile shares his experience as co-organizer of the

Kundalini Yoga Festival Chile 2020


What is the Kundalini Yoga Chile Festival about and what is its purpose?

It is an annual event that takes place at the beginning of each year, we have hosted it for 20+ years in Chile, and for the last 13 years it has had a retreat format for everyone who is in tune with the lifestyle proposed in the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

The purpose is to create a safe space to experience the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma, in a community and family oriented environment to experience the yogic lifestyle during six days, promoting a profound and transformative experience that contributes to continuing the year with uplifted spirits.

Since October 2019 we have been experiencing a social outbreak here in Chile, so we decided to change the retreat format into something new: During 5 weekends, the festival would travel to 5 regions of the country, distributing the teachings and delivering these techniques to those who need it and have been unable to access yoga retreats.

What is your role in the organization of the Festival?

My role has been changing since the first version in which I participated. For the 2020 version, I worked in the Program team and in the coordination between areas. After changing the format of the event, I assumed the general coordination of the event in the Metropolitan Region.

What kind of activities were offered to the community in the Metropolitan Region?

In the Metropolitan Region we hosted two activities: a free full-day yoga for the residents of the district of Renca, which was organized along with the local government. We included Kundalini Yoga classes for children, youth and adults, special classes for elders, conversation circles for men and women and a concert of mantras at the end.

The second day included Kundalini Yoga and Universal Dance for Peace performance classes and a gong bath.

What do you think is the social impact that the festival had this year?

We created a community space for everybody, in which they could share their experiences in a respectful, caring and compassionate way. The event brought expansion and inspiration in our daily lives, to go out and walk with an open heart and a smile in the face, beyond our country’s social conflicts.

As an organizing group, do you take examples of Sikh Dharma teachings?

Yes, all the time. We started the weekend with an Aquarian Sadhana and end it with a Sahej Path that lasted for days after the activities have ended.

What is the importance of Seva at the festival?

It is the center of everything. It is the Guru himself who sustains the space and guides the flow of our activities through the Seva, it is a gift.

What inspired you to serve at the Festival?

I was inspired to share with the community in an uplifting environment, which allowed us to give ourselves completely and just be. It inspired me to see the faces of the attendees, to hear their experiences and see their learning. It inspired me to see ourselves as a team so deeply intertwined, completely merged into selfless action, exploring our skills and putting them at service of All.

I was inspired by the opportunity to expand in the challenge, the opportunity to learn, to grow and deepen. there is so much that inspires me to serve!



Hari Avtar Singh is a KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. He is also a Yoga Therapist from the Lokhnat yoga tradition. He studied Civil Engineering and Computer Science in Universidad Arturo Prat. Co-founder of Har Kaa Nam.


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