Love is an Ever Flowing Smile

Excerpt from June 18, 2001 lecture by Siri Singh Sahib Ji at Ram Das Puri, NM, USA

If you just remember that you have a radiant body and it needs to be polished every day, you shall never be poor.  And even in adversity, sickness, misfortune, bad luck and terrible environments, you will be shining.  Do you know that?

…your radiant body is important. Because you want to radiate, you want to shine, you want to be bright, you want to be…The tragedy of things is that you even do not know how beautiful you are. And once you discover your own beauty, you become givers. Beauty, there is a one thing with beauty.  Beauty is innocent and bright. When there is a beauty and it’s bright, but crooked, it’s a tragedy.

…He maybe Jew, he maybe Muslim, he maybe Hindu, he maybe Sikh, he maybe Buddhist, but basically we are human and every human has to have his armor shining and that’s the radiant body. The amount we spend in beautifying ourselves and our hairdo and our clothes and our shape, tip-top and all that, to polish the radiant body, it’s a very polite and light and simple thing. And if you do few minutes everyday, sometime sit in peace and tranquility, with it, we will be radiant in our day, in our week, in our month, in our year, and exactly in our life.

…Whereas radiant body shines everybody it also protects everybody and it doesn’t let things in. You have ten bodies. This physical body is just one. Three mental bodies. Negative, positive, neutral. You have arc body, you have auric body, you have pranic body. God, you have bodies and bodies and bodies. Last of all is your shield. The radiant body.

…I have been teaching in this country for thirty-three years in my way to reach out to you and to tell you, the Age of Aquarius has come. Let us prepare our self. Let us use different techniques of beauty and bounty and let us use techniques to be in bliss, let us uplift everybody and love and be affectionate. Let us understand God has created us for a purpose. Let us start complementing rather than complaining.

…As the Aquarian Age is setting in, our psyche is changing, our sensory systems is changing, we are changing, and what should be our foremost, powerful, beautiful, body, the radiant body, that is needed to be polished. Armors are to be shined, and we have to become again the soldiers of divine light.

Click here to participate in a meditation for the Radiant Body led by Siri Singh Sahib Ji 

Each human being is a pure energy of God, created by His will, within the environments of karma. When you start practicing dharma, God bestows on you, all what you need and that is what all is about. All is all, in the very word small. The people who feel that somebody is bad and somebody is good are being yoyos in the art of ego and judgment and that is the worst suffering we don’t have to suffer. You did well, you brought the cool airs in the hot day. The breeze touch your cheeks and your faces, took away from you the evil and left you with nothing but goodness. With that platform and standard, keep moving.

Love is an ever flowing smile. This physical body contains the subtlety and the beauty of the prana keeps the energy and the radiant body gives you infinite success. So we have been practicing these words of the tenth master’s(*), which are the permutation and combination to shine your radiant body. You have sang it well and beautifully. It’s the language in the mouth of the human with the tongue and the taste, for the ears of the angel and the heavens. It’s my joy to look at you and to bow to you for the most successful day. The responsibility that for few moments you forgot who you are, is an achievement. The expression of joy is the ecstasy you felt.

I hope you will continue this as your practice so that peacefully and gracefully, strongly, you may enter the Age of Aquarius and may not participate the bulk of the people who will be shattering and shivering and sharing fears, nightmares and that kind of life. I want you to be successful, very successful. Really successful. So that like a forklift you can lift people. Hold on to them and reach their destination. I am asking your spirit to wake up.  That is what matters, okay?

*Here he is referring to “Ajai Alai” which the students were singing during the meditation being taught.

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  1. Marilyn Addison says:

    Beautiful! I have a new prospective regarding the words “radiant body” I have experienced so much about myself through this gift of knowledge. Thank you, Namaste

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