March 2015 Numerology


Karam Kriya Numerology

March: Kar – The Active Creation
We have been created and caused to act. Kar is the action or task. Ek OngKar tells us that in one act, through 1 vibration, the whole creation was established. Of course not as it is now, but in its latent nature which has then been unfolding, or unpacking, itself over time and in space.

It is not easy to know the ‘right’ action, but we do know that action counts. Action has results.
Wisdom suggests that there is action that becomes habits we are slaves to, and causes outcomes that we regret. This is implied in the term ‘Karma’. Kar becomes our car. The vehicle that we ride through life in. Past actions have brought us to be where we are. Current actions are determining our future.

In the Mul Mantra before Kar there is Ek Ong. This expression guides us to keep our actions anchored into the sense of unity and coming from the foundation of our soul. Actions which come from Ek Ong are linked to the deep origin of self. Perhaps this why, in the Mul Mantra, Ongkar is not separated. To remind us that the actions are to be linked back to our primary and elementary nature (Ong is the link). It could even be understood that, in fact, even now, all our actions are actually just manifestations of the command of the 1.

After Kar comes Sat Naam. This may inspire the inquiry as to what actions leads to Sat Naam. That would be actions that bring us to the experience of our true identity and express our true identity. An action is just an action but some actions have the truth breathing in them. Such actions do serve to clear our karma. As Guru Naanak also said ‘Truth is great, but higher still is Truthful Actions’.

Action gives shape to something. It implies taking form. In the macro level it means the Creator takes form through the act of creating creation. The 1 is equally in all forms and all forms are the expression of the 1.  On the micro level it is our own soul that is the impulse behind the action in order to enjoy it’s self-expression in form.

Guru Amardas is the 3rd Guru and he is represented by and the embodiment of Kar. His actions demonstrate that he treated pain and pleasure, rude attack or praises, as equal. And that he saw all beings, high or low, rich or poor, as equal. Some of the messages to be drawn from his life’s example include:
– To do what needs to be done even if people might laugh at you.
– Not to hide yourself away in shame or false feelings of inadequacy.
– To have respect for all including your-self
– To know God through the creation.
– Take care of the creation as a mark of respect for God.
– bring hope and honour where there is none.
– sit with others in a sense of mutuality and equality, no matter the worldly status and differences.
– Seek for, and find, God in those that live on the edges of life.
– make the forgotten and invisible ones known and honoured in the world.
– feel supported by the 1 so you can support everyone.

Guru Amardas was a great example of ‘do what you can’ rather than ‘you should do this’…

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