Miri Piri School Brazil


Education in Action

The sangat in Belo Horizonte put together a donation plan, which during five years raised 1.3 million US dollars. With the funds, we tested for four years the curriculum and an educational program according to Sikh Dharma and Siri Singh Sahib’s teachings. We also trained teachers and built the school infrastructure. Donations from abroad also helped to make that dream a reality, providing $39,000 to help furnish the classrooms and playgrounds.

The formative years are the most important to consolidate self-identity and create the basis for an Aquarian human being. Miri Piri School with its team is ready to bring
to a full dharmic light issues that educators can no longer avoid. Children require their needs to be addressed with competence and compassion. We will make a difference!

Inclusion & Excellence

We welcome children from different social and cultural backgrounds, and believe that our dharmic training can contribute to create a culture of excellence, progress and freedom. We value the sovereignty of each soul and believe together we can inspire each other’s growth.

Mission and Inspiration

When heart and head are united in service and the lips utter silently “Wahe Guru,” the body does take the load. This should be the motivation that allows the Divine Plan to take shape. In its completion, all shall be made humble. The results bring peace and light to every soul. Only then one can say the Guru’s mission is fulfilled.

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