Month 3 of Nanak’s 12 Month ~ Jayh’t

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Month of Jayth in SGGS   May15 to June 14
It is becoming hot and dry. The earth is burning. Yet there is something sublime. Perhaps it is the heat that brings people to a sense of humility. The longing of the bride continues. If she remains attached to the hem of the Divine garment, then the world cannot keep her in attachment or bondage.

The soul-bride offers her prayers, sings praises of her beloved and remains with the jewel of Naam (Spiritual Identity). The one thing which cannot be taken from her.
All pleasures to please the mind can be found with Narayan/God, who resides in the mansion of reality.  And it is Har/God’s own will and grace that determines if the soul-bride will be blessed to enter there; to meet and know her Husband/God.

Each individual creature is subject to the decisive influence of the Greater Unit Totality that we call Creator/God.
The soul-bride seeks identification with the Divine; Communion and Union with the One; To be held and confirmed as belonging to the One.  But she knows that her power is limited. Personal effort only brings honour in worldly terms, but leaves the soul still suffering and without peace.  So, in the humble language of the soul,  the bride declares herself as powerless and without honour. As Guru Arjun (Naanak) says:

”If people could meet (the Lord) by their own efforts, why would they be crying out in the pain of separation?”

We become the company we keep. Therefore the Guru describes how, in the presence (sang) of the disciplined ones (Sadhus), we will find, and also develop the same Divine qualities/virtues.
This equates to the inner mystical and blissful meeting with God.

”In the month of Jayt’h, the playful Husband/Har meets her, upon whose forehead such good destiny is recorded.”

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