Month of Baisakhi

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Baisakhi: 14th April – May 14, 2016
The Branches are blossoming with new leaves. So how and why should the soul be patient with her feeling of separation. In the dark winter of life the soul’s consciousness had forgotten the Great Being (Purkh) who is her true companion in life. Retreating and contracting herself into the comfort of Maya.
Now the expansion of spring is also awakening the soul-bride to its true condition. She sees the vast world ocean spread all around. She realises that, in this material world our phyical life and worth will finally be of no more value than an empty shell. She further realises that everyone around her is also entangled in the web of Maya and the darkness of forgetfullness; and so cannot not come to her aid. Without the Naam (Spiritual Identity), and without the inner Divine Pulse of Har, the life shall be wasted, and she will be prepared for the life after this life. Inner holding of the feet/word of her Beloved is the way to keep one’s honour and reputation, as well as to remain pure in the world full of corruptions.
With this awakening she calls out to the Beloved to carry her across.
Further more the soul-bride Prays to be one of those rare being be lifted into the vision and inner presence of the Divine. From where she would serve those around her. To inspire them to see the inner depth of the True Self.
Says Naanak: ‘’The month of Vaisaakh is beautiful and pleasant, when the Saint causes me to meet the Lord/Har.” “The consciousness is filled with the Word of the Shabad, and the mind comes to believe.”

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