How Guru Made us Completely Fearless


This year with the support of Sikh Dharma International, Camp Miri Piri will take place at the Hacienda de Guru Ram Das ashram in the beautiful valley of Espanola, New Mexico. Here, in the midst of the mountains and blue skies, you and your family will have a chance to take a deep journey within to experience the identity of the Spiritual Warrior.

Camp Miri Piri will take place from June 11 – June 14th, 2016. Each day will include Daily Banis, Sadhana, Diwan, Kirtan, Gatka, physical training and more!

Below please find a wonderful video from Shanti Kaur Khalsa, from last year’s camp, sharing the most impactful message about fear you can expect to hear, and an amazing story from Shanti Kaur Khalsa of how she used it in her personal life.

Hundreds of young men would go and stay in Anandpur Sahib and train with Guru Gobind Singh. Guru ji knew that fear is what kept them from being as great as they can be. Guru ji told them that the time of death is already written. So no matter what you do, you can’t alter your time of death. Therefore there is no reason to be scared of battle. If it is your day to die, then you will die running away from the battlefield. And if its not your day to die then there is no sword that has been made that can take your life. So there is nothing to be afraid of. With this sense of fearlessness 1 Sikh without fear can face 125,000 men who are filled with fear.


“Sava lakh se ek ladau, tabhi Gobind Singh naam kahau”
“If my Sikhs can’t face 125,000 enemies then my name isn’t Gobind Singh”

This teaching made us unafraid then. And it can work today. Some of us are afraid of failure at work as a Sikh, but if you are going to fail, it would happen with or without a turban. If you are going to succeeed it would be with or without a turban, so don’t worry about that. These things are destined. My experience is that if I can talk for a 1.5 minutes, the client will forget that I have a turban on my head.

I work in security and after 9-11, I went to the Honolulu airport with a coworker. As I was walking around, especially behind the counters, people became afraid of me. My coworker asked me, “Does this bother you?”, and I said “What are you talking about?”. He said “Well everybody is staring at you”. I said, “Do you know why they’re looking at me?” He said “No”. I answered, “Because I’m the most beautiful woman that they have ever seen”.

When you have an attitude of confidence when you know who you are and who your Guru is, you can have the strength of Guru Gobind Singh, and you can face any situation. This sense of identity gives you more power than any doctrine, dogma, or spiritual science. Use this teaching to diminish the voices who tell you that you are less than.

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