Our Heavenly Father – A Lecture by Siri Singh Sahib Ji


Siri Singh Sahib holding a baby, 1973. www.yogibhajanphotoarchive.com

Excerpt from Gurdwara Lecture on Fathers Day, June 16, 1996 at summer solstice by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

Today is a father’s day, so we can say happy father’s day.  Same way, it is Guru’s day, it’s the start of the Age of Aquarius and when we were praying to Guru Ram Das, I was looking to the fact when couple years ago this land found us to be here. Nobody ever thought in the forest there will be a place where we will all gather together for prayer. When the elders of the Hopi Indian came, they told me that we knew this land will come to you.  We never thought that way. But you see, we are all here in prayer and purpose of life.  Nobody can demark it.  Nobody ever dreamt that in this entire reservation, there will be this piece of land, which shall be held private. Then we wanted to see the history of it.  The place you find a Gurdwara here, you will find some stones around it, this place and these stones represent thousands and thousands and hundred thousands of years ago this, was a temple too. It has always been a place of worship.  That’s why we respectfully did not change anything. We just want to do the minimum, so the practical aspect that a gathering can take place and we can all join here as a family, may be respected.

It is coincident that we will never go orphan.  Whereas Guru Gobind Singh is our father, it is his day, it is father’s day, it’s a peace pray day.  All three have joined on the same day and we all come here to celebrate. We are entering the Age of Aquarius and it is going to be very difficult for all of you and for me to even understand that I should be in a position to explain to you.  A man as a guide shall not exist. We have to have a mental transformation, to understand the word, to understand the knowledge, to understand the concept.

What is the Age of Aquarius we are entering? All our centuries we have been trying to learn, trying to know to learn, trying to improve a lot, we want to cut our losses, we want to grow.  But in this age which we have entered in 1991, knowledge will be available to everybody. Computer can make a most foolish person the most wise person, because there will be a qualified intelligence.  It shall be at the disposal of every person. So, judgment of a person on basis of wisdom will be eliminated.  Let us understand the fundamental. Number two, all knowledge known and was known or shall be known will be available to a human. Thirdly, the art of communication between human will be so vast, that everybody shall know everybody and everything about everybody for all purposes or for no purposes. Now these are three good aspects. Worst of it will be, it will be most difficult to handle it. Individuality shall disappear. In this coming age, it is not you know me and that is enough; when I know you, that is enough and we have a gathering and that is enough. Even in couple years, sitting at home you can communicate with anybody, anywhere for any purpose at any short notice. But after all, what an individual will do? Individual shall have no strength, because there shall be no individuality.

What we are asking to meditate, to practice and do all that to get rid of the ego.  There will be a time when there will be no place for ego. You will want ego.  You will want to maintain ego and there will be no chance.  It will be just opposite of this age. It shall be the age of a sage where everybody shall be a sage. Even today they are showing that a computer can do the complete surgery absolutely a man goes through the tube have everything done and come out in one piece. So we are entering a new age where we have to learn to acquire our own inner self, the very being. We have a soul.  We shall always have a soul.  There is no problem.  We have a body to maintain the soul for the time being.  That is no problem and that will have a very available service to be maintained. But one thing we don’t have. How we will develop our mind with that information. How we will handle that mind inside of us? How we will tolerate the total information and shall rise above it. That is what Age of Aquarius is all about. In last fifty years, we have been trying to expand our mind with medicine, with drugs or with herbs and whatever you want to call it.  We have been experimenting now, everything is free and freedom is your right.  We don’t want any discipline, we don’t want anything we want to be we, we, we….

Is that what we really want? That is not true.  We want to be us with control on our emotions, on our feelings on our intellect and on our intelligence and that is our practical approach in the Age of Aquarius. You have to learn the art of tolerance up to the infinite degree.  You have to learn the art of communication the infinite degree.  You have to learn the art of forgiveness, instant. Show no sign.  Show no reaction.  Show absolutely nothing of you, but your virtue. Life will be very fast. And in this very fast life, man has to understand for himself, for his sake, how the age has to be acquired and lived through. Today that picture before you can imagine that there is a heavenly father and each one has a heavenly father. You have never understood it. You have never even related to this concept. You have never closed your eyes and understood there is a heavenly father.   You always related to flesh.  You are always dealing was this is my father, this is my godfather. In all these years, the man has never related to father, as God is my father.  Only one man said God is my father.  You hung him on the cross, you never spared him. You were very religious then. There was no dirth of your being religious. And thereafter all crucifications which happened, are people who were burned at stake were those who were considered insane and who never agreed to the religious trend and set rules and they said something different. All they said is our father lives in a heaven, my father have many mansions and something which they say, what the hell you are talking about kid, you are crazy, send him to mental hospital if not that put him on the cross. And same thing is happening today. Anybody who wants to have an expanded consciousness and they say, I see my heavens with me.  You say, what?  And this is the just start of the cusp of the Age of Aquarius.

Our thinking, our ideas, our thoughts have become so big, but our mental attitude has become so small that it is painful, to even explain. For centuries our religious tolerance is so bad, you can understand we have killed millions of people on just ethnic cleansing. What is happening in old Czechoslovakia and other places?

So in this world we are acquiring a peace.  In this world we are acquiring a mental peace, in this world we are acquiring a satisfaction. Satisfaction, of what? Satisfaction of individual grace. Human grace has to be respected, by the human himself and by the human at large and by the humanity in general. That is what we are seeking. We are seeking a grace, we are seeking of face, where we can welcome with our divinity.  We can welcome with our divinity those who do not have divinity and do not deserve divinity.  If in the Age of Aquarius, the man cannot welcome the more condemned man, man has not risen from his beast. If man cannot welcome the most unwanted living thing, man has not considered yet his consciousness as infinite….”

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