Polarity and Prosperity


Once we were all in Los Angeles, sitting in a class with Yogi Bhajan discussing contrast consciousness and ” twined thoughts”. Yogi Bhajan posed a question to everybody

“What is not a positive “thought” is ……………………….?” Without thinking most everyone answered together, loudly and clearly with the word “Negative”! “NO”! Yogi Bhajan shouted back “What is not a positive thought is the POLARITY of positive! Either you are positive or you are the polarity of Positive! Why say a negative word?”

So, you and I are polarities. If you understand “polarity” in the human mind, then you can understand life’s balance in the universe, Sun and moon, male and female. And in your own world too. I always think of a powerful magnet when I think about polarity. That magnet, is of course a metaphor for your electromagnetic field or aura opening powerfully when you tithe or give to the Supreme consciousness. That allows your radiant body to draw all good things to you through your subtle body right to your soul.

Tithing opens a space to create polarity in your mind and to tap into the Unknown of you to return the tithe to you tenfold. Maybe not immediately, or in proportion to your tithe but in unknown ways you will be blessed and prosper. If you think “I am really happy giving Dasvandh this month”, know, what you are saying is the positive polarity of thought forms and you are already blessed to be in that creative Universal flow of goodwill.

By Guru Singh, London, UK

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