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Yoga Festival – French countryside – 8/2015 – Morning Sadhana


“Guru Nanak said it so clearly. He said it very simply, “Amrit Velaa Sach naa-oo, vadi-aa-ee veechar.” (In the ambrosial hours before the dawn chant the True Name and reflect deeply upon His greatness.) Now people say, “Why ambrosial hour?” Ray of the sun hits the earth sixty degrees, and in the evening ray of the sun again hits sixty degrees. And life is by the sunray. That law God cannot change. There’s nothing religion can do. There’s nothing a holy man can do. The pattern of the neuron in the psyche of its own involvement and in its own indulgence, has to be revived every time. And the best is when you can do the best. That’s why that ambrosial hour is when you take bath, you sit down, and you start a war. You start a war so that you can have peace inside. There’s nothing more than that. If the mind is not at peace, it doesn’t have the harmony, it cannot tranquilize with the opposition. It cannot win the war of challenge. Person may look beautiful, he may buy the whole world with money. That person shall be unfulfilled, empty, unhappy. That is why to solve the situation, Guru Nanak said, “Amrit velaa sach naa-oo, vadi-aaa-eee veechar.” Why ‘vadi-aaa-eee’ Why to praise the God? It’s a very selfish act. When you think big you become big! God is an Infinity. Whenever the finite tunes in with the Infinity, it enriches itself. That’s the secret of prosperity: enrichment.”

Yogi Bhajan, 8/26/88



Yogi Bhajan taught that with every wink of an eye, there are a thousand thoughts. Only one of those thoughts becomes articulated into language, and those words become action. Underneath all of those thoughts is a baseline energy, an unstruck sound, a silence named Anahat. In this silence we do not have to do or think anything; we can just be. It is a pure state of meditation where we open the doors to merge with God, to be God. We enter a flow that is beyond thoughts, ideas, and actions; the flow just is, and we can just be.

What is the vibratory frequency of that inner space? You can find out. And from that discovery, you can create such a beautiful melody that the Universe will bend its ear to listen. But you must work on the instrument, the you. If you play a violin made by the Stradivarius family, the most beautiful sound will come out. If you take a rinky-dink Suzuki-student violin and play it, you can only make it sound so good. That Stradivarius has been worked on. The wood is the highest quality possible. The body comes forth. Its Anahat, the unstruck sound, is ready to directly touch the heart.

That is exactly what spiritual practice is. You become a kind of Stradivarius violin so that when the Creator plays you, you make incredible music. The sound that comes out will be   divine. Why? Your baseline, inner-core vibration has been given space to exist, and your body and mind are finely tuned to carry that vibration out into the Cosmos.”

Excerpt From: Snatam Kaur – “Original Light.”     


“The foundation for human excellence—to live a meaningful and effective life in this new Age—is the practice of sadhana. What is sadhana? A personal self-discipline to experience and realize your Self, master the mind, and soften the ego’s dominance over our habits, emotions and thoughts. Develop a regular sadhana and you take control of your life. Develop a deep sadhana and you open the doors of experience. Commit to meet your higher Self each morning and your decisions and your life become original; your life will bear the signature of your soul; your radiance will express the meaningful intimacy of the Infinite in each moment. Immerse yourself in the joy of victory that comes from starting each day with a powerful sadhana and every challenge becomes an opportunity.”

Excerpt From: Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D. – “Kundalini Yoga Sadhana Guidelines: Create Your Daily Spiritual Practice (2nd Edition).”


“The sacred science of Kundalini Yoga and its ingenious and innovative techniques of meditation afford its practitioners a rare opportunity. Kundalini Yoga facilitates discovering strength in your uniqueness, and then enables you to work at polishing the facets of your singular gifts. I believe each of us comes to this life with our own special proficiencies. With consistent practice and purposeful aligning with the Universal forces behind all that is, creative brilliance will begin to shine through you. Numerous opportunities will appear. With attentiveness and patience, prosperity beyond all expectation will begin manifesting for you and around you. All manners of miracles will arrive through your dedicated effort and by your good fortune, gratitude will ensue.

Steve Jobs, who was so deeply influenced in his life by Yogananda’s ‘The Autobiography of a Yogi’ that he asked that it be handed out as a gift at his memorial service, developed practical, innovative, and fun devices that changed the way an entire generation does business, relates to music, and communicates.

What might you bring forth if you start each day seated in meditation atop the cornerstone of the Kundalini Yoga lifestyle – morning sadhana?

If you start your day tuning into the Infinite Source of healing and creative energy, then beam radiant smiles and good will toward all, you can expect tenfold blessings and good will to return to you.”

Excerpt From: Jot Singh Khalsa. “The Essential Element – Sadhana”

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