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Sadhana Jewel – March 2018

Sadhana gives you grace, Sadhana gives you fearlessness, Sadhana gives you self, Sadhana gives denomination, domination, projection, polarity combination, equilibrium, respectability, totality, internal and external self knowledge, and it gives you purity, it gives you Divinity, dignity, grace, it gives you radiance, it gives you pranic Shakti, it gives you auric Shakti, it gives you

Sadhana Jewel – February 2018

“The greatest award of doing Sadhana is the person becoming incapable of being defeated. Sadhana is a self- victory and it is a victory over time and space. When you have to get up for Sadhana it is a defeat in itself because you don't want to get up. When you

Sadhana Jewel – January 2018

  “That is the highest Sadhana; that your presence should remind people of God. What a bigger and more powerful miracle than that can be, that by your very presence, you can invoke Godhood in people.” Yogi Bhajan, 8/1/82 Sat Nam, I remember the time I committed to doing Sadhana to grow

Sadhana Jewel – December 2017

If you are human and your presence doesn't work, all the wealth and all the knowledge will not work either. Once you develop a personal discipline, your psyche starts emitting a sense of confidence, trust, and grace—and that creates love. Your radiance should be so strong, that even if a hateful person sees you, it

Sadhana Jewel – November 2017

  “Guru Nanak said it so clearly. He said it very simply, “Amrit Velaa Sach naa-oo, vadi-aa-ee veechar.” (In the ambrosial hours before the dawn chant the True Name and reflect deeply upon His greatness.) Now people say, “Why ambrosial hour?” Ray of the sun hits the earth sixty degrees, and in the
Yoga Festival – French countryside – 8/2015 – Morning Sadhana

15 Citas sobre Levantarse Temprano para Inspirarte

Por Satwant Singh Khalsa, Cortesía de Levantarse temprano puede ser desalentador, especialmente cuando lo intentas por primera vez. Sin embargo, ser un madrugador puede aumentar significativamente tu productividad, por lo que es una rutina esencial. Aquí hay algunas citas sobre levantarse temprano que pueden ayudar a motivarte al levantarte al amanecer (o

40/90/120/1000 Day Sadhanas

Author unknown – some quotes and details by Yogi Bhajan – submitted by Satwant Singh Khalsa, courtesy of There is a common saying, “You are what you eat.” In the yogic sciences, there is another saying. “Your habits define you.” The problems in life come from our habits. The Divine dwells in the

My Shawl…. My Sadhana

by Karta Purkh Singh, courtesy of It is said in India, if you have a shawl, you have shelter. That of course says more about India than it does about shawls. In my travels to India I can’t count the number of obviously poor or stricken people who wear some kind of humble
Sikh man wearing shawl on the perkarma

15 Wake Up Early Quotes To Get You Inspired

by Sat Want Singh Khalsa, Courtesy of Waking up early can be a daunting task, especially when you first attempt it. Nevertheless, being an early riser can significantly boost your personal productivity, so it is an essential routine. Here are some wake up early quotes that help motivate you when getting up

Amrit Vela/ First Sadhana

by S.S Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, courtesy of GURDWARA Sat Nam, Bowing to my Guru first thing after awakening and bathing My only prayer is gratitude Thank you I am here and you, my Guru are here Thank you for the safety of my journey Thank you
siri guru granth sahib