Saibhang – Part 7 of the Mool Mantra



Flowing through the cycles
Of Birth and Death,
It Moves
By Its Own
Purity and Projection

Excerpt of Siri Singh Sahib Lecture:

….”The greatest power is that nothing disturbs you.  The greatest power is  that  your peace of mind is always in one piece.  The greatest power is  that you  are not afraid.  The greatest power of the man is described by  Guru Nanak.   The greatest power of all powers, Guru Nanak has described.  “Ik Ong Kar.”   You are the creation of the One.  Accept it or deny it.  But just think, Guru  Nanak puts a statement of challenge.  Accept it,  deny it, that’s all your  option. If you are a Sikh of the Guru, accept  it. If you are not, deny it.   Entire creation is the creation of the One  God.  Accept it or deny it.

“Sat Nam.”  Identity is true.  Nam means noun.  Every noun is the name of   person, place or a thing.  It is true.  Accept it or deny it.  “Karta   Purkh.”  Kar does all.  All is God. Accept it or deny it.  “Nirbhao.”  No   fear.  Accept it or deny it.  “Nirvair.” No vengeance.  Accept it or deny   it.  “Akal Moorat.”  You are perfect as made in God.  Thou shall not do  any  addition, alteration, showoff. Accept it, deny it.  “Ajoonee  Saibhang.”  You  are not in and out.  You are stable.  Mentally,  physically, and spiritually,  and by itself, by your own self, by your own  being.  Accept it, deny it.   “Gurprasaad.” You take it as a gift.  You  take it as a blessing when you  achieve it, so your ego is not inflated.   Accept it, deny it.  How you  achieve it? Now look.  That’s called “Guru.”  Commandment is there:  “Jap.”   Repeat!  He didn’t say ‘meditate.’ He didn’t say ‘dhyaan.’  He  didn’t say  that.  He said, “Jap.”  What?  “Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee  sach, Nanak  hosee bhee sach.” And after that if we are just suffering,
then we are not  doing this.

Now, one of the easiest things a Sikh can do or a man can do or a human  can  do, is that he can accept or deny.  Everybody can do it.  I love that  game,  “Snakes and ladders.”  Either you go up or you come down. There’s  nothing in  between. Rest is all what number comes down on the face.   There’s no in  between.

What I’m trying to explain to you is: no say ‘no,’ when you have to say   ‘no.’ That is Nanak.  No say ‘no’ when you have to say ‘no.’  That is  Nanak.  And conditions are not many.  There’s no ritualism it, there’s no  secret  about it. It’s all sacred.  Accept it, deny it.  And if you want  to accept  all, and you want to reach that stage, then he says: “Jap.”  “Aad sach,   jugaad sach, heibhee sach, Nanak….”  Nanak puts his seal on it, puts a   stamp on it.  “Nanak hosee bhee sach.”  It shall come true.

Now our children who are starting their life, they need that courage,  they  need that grit, they need power to accept and deny.  Have we as  parents sat  down with them and taught them: “Aad sach jugaad sach heibhee sach Nanak   hosee bhee sach?”  Have we accepted them or made them to accept that  rhythm?   Have we tried to give ourself that ecstasy, that consciousness,  that beauty,  that bounty, that power, that praise that we can just be one  with that  infinite God and that infinite God be with us?”

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