Sikh Dharma Joins Letter to Protect Religious Freedom in Syria

DOPA at IRF Roundtable

Simran Singh Khalsa, representing the Dharmic Office of Public Affairs at the International Religious Freedom (IRF) Roundtable, signed a letter to the President requesting protection for all religions in Syria.

The Law and Liberty Trust and Jubilee Campaign  are gathering signatures on an NGO letter to President Donald Trump asking him to ensure that plans for a U.S. troop withdrawal ensure that its residents, including Christians, Yazidis, Kurds, Arabs and other minorities, are protected from genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The U.S. led Global Coalition has supported the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in their dramatically successful fight to crush ISIS as a fighting force. The Democratic Self-Administration (DSA) has a pluralistic and democratic government system, giving religious freedom and equal rights to all faiths, ethnicities, and women—unique in the region….

Read more and view the letter on the Dharmic Office of Public Affairs Blog.

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