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Help Us Save Children in Venezuela

This Humanitarian Crisis is Worse than You Think!   What is Happening The Venezuelan economic crisis has turned into a full-blown humanitarian disaster. The country’s currency, the bolivar, has devalued to point of being worthless and inflation has now pushed food prices to the point where two-thirds of all Venezuelans cannot afford to
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Building a Foundation for our Future – Santa Teresa School Complex

At Yogi Tea, we believe that the purpose of business is to serve. We do this in many ways from how we treat our employees, business partners, vendors, and consumers to the deep partnerships and connection we have with our grower communities. First a little background. There are five original spices that started
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Por MSS Guruka Singh Khalsa (Extractos de un artículo originalmente publicado en la revista Aquarian Times) En 2002 Yogi Bhajan estuvo enseñando clases nocturnas para la comunidad de Española al menos una vez a la semana y todos nosotros acudimos a esas clases con gran alegría y agradecimiento, especialmente


Reflexión personal acerca de Seva Seva es servicio. Hay tantos relatos de gente en la historia que han hecho increíbles actos de servicio. Pero cómo incorporamos el servicio en nuestras vidas? Pareciera que no hay espacio con el trabajo, cocina, limpieza de la casa y las incontables actividades de un sostenedor de
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Seva in Action

by SS Sangeeta Kaur Khalsa, Yuba City CA, Courtesy of the Summer 2017 Ministry Newsletter “Seva is a win/win, the total source of victory. The moment you serve with heart and head, and without grinding any axe, you win the person forever. You deliver another person facing difficulty to their own strength. You save the person

Guru’s Seva

by SS Ram Dass Singh Khalsa, Espanola NM, Courtesy of the Summer 2017 Ministry Newsletter Once my noble daughter asked me who was in the picture on the wall in her room. I told her it was Guru Ram Das. She said, “Yes, but who is the person behind him waving the Chauri Sahib?” And