Sikh Path of Love

Sardarni Guru Amrit Kaur


Love is the path of a Sikh and Guru Nanak stated it best:

“If you want to play the game of love with me, put your head in your hands and walk with me.”

Guru Arjan Dev ji wrote Mera Man Lochai, four beautiful letters of love written to Guru Ram Das and which have the capacity to heal the wounds of life. And this caliber of love was demonstrated when Guru Gobind Singh asked for five heads and created the Five Beloved Ones. In the teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib he gave us three salient features to define love:

“Where there’s a love, there is no question.”

True love lives with such dedicated focus and faith, it comes through no matter what the challenge.
“Where there is a love, there is no pain.” Because there is a deep capacity to sacrifice.
“Where there is a love, there is nothing impossible.” Our oneness brings about miracles. That is why the Siri Singh Sahib, out of his love for us, challenged us to do the impossible in order to build our excellence and to deliver us into our oneness with God.
Love is behind any healing or transformation. It is a quality of giving oneself to bring benefit and excellence to others beyond any limitations of oneself. Love is one of the greatest strengths to bring you into the flow of life and manifest miracles. When love expresses compassion and kindness toward others, it gives one the ability to see the other person is you. It is just this kind of love that understands the reality of life’s challenges, knowing we all face equally this challenge, which is to master ourselves. The Siri Singh defined love as a process in which ego is lost and infinity is experienced. This merging with infinity transforms our reality beyond our emotions, commotions or chaos.

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    • Rupinder Kaur Khalsa says:

      Sat Naam Gill,

      Thank you for your question.
      One of the beautiful teachings of the Sikh Gurus is about experiencing Divine love in our daily lives as a way to open our hearts and love others.

      One of the Shabads recommended to promote this state of loving consciousness is ‘Mera Man Loche’, which you can either chant or recite. You can find it here:


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