The Power of Prayer

What is Ardas? Is it a request? In a request you are powerless. You are subject to the one who has the thing you are asking for. So if Ardas is a request where is the power? Should I make a request hoping it might be granted? Or should I go before my Guru, make the request with conviction that whatever I ask for will be granted?

There is a difference in these 2 approaches. Have confidence that “Whatever I ask for, God gives that to me”. One approach is based on hope. The other on conviction. If you ask for prashad, or a roti in Langar, the person serving will course give it. Not giving it would be unthinkable. The things I’ve really prayed for, I’ve always gotten. The things I kind of prayed for happened sometimes. When I wasn’t sure, it didn’t happen.

When we chant, meditate, and do Ardas, we are creating a vibration. That frequency vibrates to the supreme frequency and makes a connection. When that happens, prayers are heard. Guru tells us that prayers are heard Where does the power come from? Conviction. We have the power. When you surrender yourself, and humble yourself to make that request, you are acknowledging that you need help. You acknowledge that there is something beyond you that can cover, protect, and clear the way.

This class on the Power of Prayer was a class taught by Gurutej Singh at Camp Miri Piri.  Visit for more information about this annual event.

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