The Rhythm of Life


by SS Prabhu Prakash Kaur Khalsa, on the road USA
Winter 2017 SDI Ministry Newsletter

Like my mother before me, I’ve been a singer all my life. While still in the womb, I absorbed my mother’s joy of devotional singing and the love she projected through her voice. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t equate the vibration of the human voice with the experience of being alive and loved.

When asked to share my experiences with Gurbani, I was reminded of conversations I had with Mom before her passing. We would talk about how each being on this planet has a unique vibration or “vibratory footprint” that connects us with the Infinite.

Over the last five months of travel through some of the most spectacularly beautiful parts of the western U.S., I’ve had the blessing of experiencing the vibrations of our planet.

The mountains and the wind in the trees play their music. The giant redwoods have their unique deep, resonant hum. The birds and the ocean and even the ancient rocks vibrate at their individual frequencies and each is essential to the great cosmic song.

I’m reminded of a quote from one of MSS Guru Singh’s recent musings: “The rhythms of your pulse push melodies through your blood, vibrating in the arteries and capillaries of your circulation, like the strings on an instrument. Your body plays a song of life, resonating constantly inside you, from the moment you’re born to the moment of your passing. As distinctive as the prints on each finger and the iris in your eyes, these melodies and rhythms are yours alone . . . unique in every way.”

The chanting that is so essential to our path is what captured me from the very beginning of my spiritual journey. I came to this path as a musical “innocent” with many years of musical training, but no conscious understanding of meditation or chanting. The Siri Singh Sahib’s teachings “plucked” me from the world of choral and opera singing and delivered me to the feet of the Guru and the experience of chanting Gurbani.

A Divine Language

Merely reciting Gurbani alone is the most precious, intimate, almost sensual experience between breath, tongue, heart, and soul. But sharing that experience with others is the ultimate expression of connection and joy! It’s the gift that allows us to comprehend Wahe Guru–that experience that is beyond words. It teaches us how to listen deeply, as the Gurus’ words blend with our own unique song.

When we recite Gurbani, our very DNA resonates with the frequency of this divine language and we transform the vibration of the whole planet towards more harmony and compassion. It doesn’t matter if we understand every word or any of the words. By design, the vibration changes us and that ripple effect then changes every being on earth.

The Gurus specifically designed a meditative language that delivers us to profound stillness. To shuniya. And it’s in this deep place of stillness that our power lives. It’s here that we step outside of the limited concepts of time and space and facilitate miracles.

As I read the news of violent and catastrophic events taking place in our world, I know without a doubt that as travelers on this path and as Sikh Dharma ministers, we have been practicing and praying and meditating all these years for exactly this time.

Our voices vibrating together can still save this planet and its people. Reciting Gurbani has completely prepared us for this time. This is the work the spiritual warriors, sages, teachers and wise ones from all traditions have returned to earth to complete.

SS Prabhu Prakash Kaur Khalsa has been a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Sikh Dharma minister for over 40 years. She and her husband, SS Christ Singh, established the ashram community in San Antonio and helped build the community in Austin for many years. She holds a degree in Vocal Music Education from the University of Texas at Austin, is a certified Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner and mother to their amazing daughter, Amrit. Prabhu Prakash Kaur and Christ Singh are currently on a spiritual road trip through the U.S. and beyond. Their intent is to experience and share as much beauty and light as possible with both humans and nature, until they are guided to their next “permanent” place.

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