Trusting in God Through Transformation

Sardarni Guru Amrit Kaur

Trust expands our capacity to face life’s challenges with spirit and faith, knowing we are not alone. Trust comes into play when change is taking place. Trust is a commitment to being in our strength, resolved to handle any challenge we face with an elevated spirit to deliver ourselves through the change.
Trust builds faith and faith builds trust. Trust is that transcendent quality which expands our ability to achieve greater heights of excellence in our life. It gives us the living practice to know God is guiding us and all that happens is for the best, even if we don’t understand or control that outcome.
Trust helps us to stay in our hearts with the strength of spirit to faithfully hold our connection with God, and understand that that connection will manifest our highest good and serve all. Trust is most needed when a transformation of the past undergoes change so that something new can emerge. Trust keeps the spirit of growth happening with enough faith to support the development of new insights, perspectives and skills that will bring forth our spiritual gifts and deepen our values when we are challenged by a change.
Trust, as a quality, is relational. We trust in our self, in God , or in another.
Trusting one’s self allows us to follow our intuition and to deepen our soul connection with God. This can release any dynamic of separation we might have used to secure ourselves in the world, instead of in our spiritual base.
Trusting God supports us to stay centered in awareness as change pushes us to grow in order to bring forth our spiritual qualities as an offering in service to the times.
Trusting others supports them to succeed or excel. The Siri Singh Sahib trusted us to walk upon the path of Dharma to deliver our destiny. He would say, “Trust all for nothing.” Meaning to hope for the best, be prepared for the worst, and give the God within all a chance.

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