Truth is My Identity

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Sat Nam. Truth is God’s Name, Truth will prevail, Truth is eternal and everlasting, Truth is my identity. Spoken by Guru Nanak, he constantly taught us the value of universal truth. All of the holy and great events of his life speak of one unmistakable reality, and that is the victory of truth over falsehood, of true humility over false pride and of true love over hatred.  Guru Nanak said, “Truth is high, but highest is truthful living.” Truth is just an idea if it is not lived. Your truth should be so pure that it lifts a person’s soul to the heights. When we honor the truth and speak only the truth, we bring honor to our words, and we are honored in the world.

The Siri Singh Sahib used to tell us that there are three kinds of truth: Universal truth, circumstantial truth, and personal truth which only you know and nobody else knows. Every human goes through these three truths in their lives. The problem comes when we as humans become entangled in maya, and then we forget or deny universal truth. Through constant chanting of the Name, we keep ourselves attuned to the universal truth.

Once Guru Nanak’s companion, Mardana, was asking him questions about truth, and Guru Nanak said to go to the stores in town and with a rupee, ask to buy truth. Mardarna went from store to store, but everyone told him that he was crazy, and he could not buy truth. Finally he arrived at one store and met a very spiritual clerk who said that he would give him truth. He took a piece of paper and wrote: “Living is a lie and dying is the truth.” When Guru Nanak opened the paper, he said “There is one man in this town who knows the truth, and he alone has the realization that life is filled with the falsehood of maya, and in death we may merge back with the True One. “

Keeping the True Name in our hearts, we resonate with the infinite, divine wisdom. “The Age of Aquarius is the age of excellence in which personal purity shall absolutely sustain you.” – Siri Singh Sahib.

Sat Nam.

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