Values and Virtues of Sikh Dharma

Values have been the cornerstone of civilizations from which cultures thrived for generations, and served as foundational beliefs which supported families and individuals to live virtuous lives. This course is dedicated to those who seek to learn and grow spiritually within the Sikh Lifestyle.

It is designed to enrich your life though gaining awareness and skills that would support you to live virtuously. These virtues are universal. This courses orientation is to explore these virtues through a lens of Sikh history and theology. In addition, the design of the course touches upon the inner skills one would need in order to further develop each of these virtues in their life.

The Siri Singh Sahib’s teachings for living a Dharmic lifestyle were based upon the theological values he shared with us. Through the Sikh mantras, shabads and stories, he slowly developed a unique global community with a culture to lead though service and consciousness.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, I worked with him to establish the values-based education for Miri Piri Academy, and have compiled these virtues to further our Dharmic culture as a values-based global community. Each of the virtues builds upon the previous virtue.  It has been designed to serve those who seek to learn, grow and enrich their lives spiritually.

Components of the course include meditations, discussions on the concept of the virtue along with developing a deeper understanding of key quotes given to us by the Siri Singh Sahib.  Then historical and personal stories are shared, along with theological awareness to deepen our understanding of each virtue.  This is then followed by an offering of the inner skills one would need in their life if they cared to develop this virtue further. The hope is to add to one’s inner capacities to process life consciously.


The course addresses:

1. Values & Virtues as cornerstones for advancements in society or personally.

2. Compassion as a virtue needed for the Aquarian Age. The Sikh spiritual path is a path of love, to see the world through compassionate eyes.

3. Courage to walk upon a path into your unknown self while staying truthful with all that is happening in order to fulfill your destiny with integrity. Building trust in self and in God so that you may live with an undying spirit to be happy, healthy and holy.

4.  Reverence to enrich the states of love within to be a force guiding you in life.  Ultimately to align and merge our light with the infinity and divinity within us.

5. Dignity to bring your divinity into the world by utilizing skills of communication which uphold your grace and personal power during difficult challenges.

6.  Nobility to prosperously serve and lead in the world with a spirit of Cherdi Kala. Consciously giving and living for each other.


The intention of the course design is to:

1.  Foster the development of inner skills for spiritual growth and virtuous lives.

2. Engage in sharing of wisdom among participants.

3. Begin to standardize a values-based culture for our Dharma.



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