What About 11-11-11?

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Shiv Charan Singh is a senior Kundalini Yoga teacher and numerologist. Learn more about his unique work with numerology as taught by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, at www.karamkriya.eu.

There is no reason to believe that anything grand or special will happen on this day, compared to other special things that have happened on many other days. Still the prevalence of the number 11 on that day is exciting to some people.

The key word for 11 is alignment, and indeed we live in a time of a series of major planetary alignments. Though we should note that such alignments have happened previously, and it was not 11-11-11. The occurrence of 11:11 on digital clocks is as frequent as 12:12, 13:13, and many other such numbers, and has only happened since we had digital media.

However, given that we are also in a shift from Piscean to Aquarian consciousness, it is not surprising that there is a sense of deepening alignment on many levels. People all over the world have been confronted, or challenged themselves, to get into greater alignment.

Alignment means that our small world finds more harmony with the vaster Cosmic forces and Natural laws. The macrocosm and the microcosm find a more clear parallel with each other. This requires a clearing of blocks and obstacles on the in-between levels.

11 can reduce to 2 in which case all the problems of material duality will have to be processed before moving on to higher levels. This is our worldly appetite, through things like material goods, drugs, food, the sexual play and all that it implies. Our sense of separation, desire for unity, longing to merge and all the hopes, desires, expectations, fantasies and disappointments we have in and around that game. So often we will fall into the black hole of despair and loneliness. The longing in itself is innocent but it does need to obey the call to higher levels. As we say – the world can only fulfill 20% of your total needs, the other 80% comes from the spiritual path; attunement to the divine in everything and everyone.

So it is worthy of note that the total number of the day in question, 1+1+1+1+2+0+1+1, equals 8. Here we are reminded that infinite longing is a longing to return to the infinite. Aquarius is the water carrier. One understanding of this is that we learn to manage our emotions and live more by our intuition.

8 = 4 x 2 drowning in emotionality
8 = 2 x 4 double intuition

Naturally the presence of the number 11 in the date of 11-11-2011 gives a lot of momentum for working on alignment. This can be the alignment of parts of our own personal life, as well as finding solidarity with others. The alignment can happen between heart and mind, between women and men, between the higher self and soul, between the community [outer self] and the individual [inner self].

It is an inviting chance to tune your soul in with the Cosmos, to restate your identity and come together with others in celebration. As 2011 adds up to 4, we are reminded that heart centered community is what will keep us buoyant in turbulent times.

In the tradition of Sikh Dharma, the 11th Guru is the Shabad Guru, or Bani. It means that the ‘Word’ is the guiding force. The Word is there to serve us towards divine alignment.

11 is 10 + 1 : Courage + humility. It is also called ‘Gur Prasaad’. the grace or
blessing of returning to a meeting with the light of our origin and recognizing our
self in that light.

Courage is to be vast: beyond lightness into light itself.

Humility is to be small: located in the nucleus of self.

When enough human beings become light enough and small enough then a critical mass may be reached that can create an event of cosmic proportions. Meditatively reflecting on the 11 is a chance to realize the full meaning of the mantra phrase: ”God and Me, Me and God are One”. It means ”Recognize the Other is You”. It means:
‘You and Me, Me and You are One’.

Another great way to tune into this is with this great mantra for the 11: Ekongkaar Sat Gur Prasaad Sat Gur Prasaad Ekongkaar

11 –11 -11 is a good excuse for getting together and sharing, whether that is for a party, or meditating together, or any other pleasing activity. Look out for the opportunity to join in local efforts.

Thank you to Satya Kaur and Karam Kriya students for their contributions to this article.

With blessings for all
Shiv Charan Singh

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