What Does the Guru Mean to You? – A Poem by Whispering Thoughts

Utter darkness,  

without the radiance  

of Thy blessed name. 

Without Thee, 

I comprehend nothing.  

Deprived of Thee,  

I find no success in my endeavors. 

No liberation from  

the vicious bondages,  

no salvation either 

Without Thy grace. 


May Thy word  

abide in my soul. 


Gur bin ghor andhaar, guroo bin samajh na aavai. 

Gur bin surat na siddh, guroo bin mukat na paavai. 

Gur ka bachan basai jee naale… 


~ Whispering Thoughts

This poem was written by Whispering Thoughts. It was submitted during the 2022/2023 Sikh Dharma International Poetry Sharing Event on “What Does the Guru Mean to You?” 

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