Be with the Guru


Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan March 12, 1979

Self-animosity is a criteria. Nobody is your enemy. Nobody. It is not the law of the Creator, then you will say, if nobody is my enemy then what these enemies are? Now remember the word enemy. Enemy means N me. Exactly that’s what it means. When the I is totally finished you can have a chance of escaping anything or anywhere but you cannot escape a enemy, enemy is either you are hit or you can escape or you pass or you are dead. Now what are these enemies? These are challenges. Nobody in this lifetime can grow or be great without the animosity. Animosity is a challenge and animosity has one capacity, you totally computerize yourself into the best activity of you to find a way out.

Life or challenge has three ways, either you make it or you won’t make it, or you will neutralize. With enemy you have nothing, either you make it or you don’t, that’s it. In your self there is a tremendous animosity. You don’t need enemies from outside. You are ridiculous when you get others enemies plus your own self. Your own self has a tremendous amount of animosity against your own self and it’s a direct challenge. When Guru says in Siri Guru Granth Sahib,

“Gur binn ghor andhaar, gur bin surt na aavey.”

He is not talking something out of anything vague, he is talking specific. Without Guru you can’t escape, you can’t have… Without Guru you can’t have knowledge, you can’t, you are all in darkness, because where is the darkness? There is a sun, there is a moon, there is a night, there is a day, there is no darkness. Darkness is that tremendous amount of self-animosity. You know people who become successful, they go berserk. Why? They cannot handle their own success. Their success becomes their animosity. Animosity is an ingredient in you in abundance. You don’t need it from outside. And you are your own enemy. And you have to face it, you have to confront it. The only way you can confront is that you must train yourself and you can only train yourself if with anything which is limited like you it won’t help, you have to train yourself with Infinity. That is why we recognize, we, recognize you are not one body. We recognize you are a physical body, you are a mental body, and you are a spiritual body. Any one living person who takes care of one body and not the other body or not of the third body will end up in chaos.

You must in the morning dress yourself, clean your physical body, then you must clean up your mental body, then you must clean up your spiritual body, lot of people are asking me, Sadhana is too long. Sadhana is just the Sadhana. Can’t we do our individual Sadhana? I don’t answer them. They are mad at me. What should I tell these fools this Sadhana has been made to take care of the physical body, mental body, spiritual body according to the equilibrium and the balance as it is required. Our Sadhana from last two years, progressive Sadhana, and it has been designed this way. After all the time you don’t need to counsel and you don’t need all the time to call me and suppose I close my eyes tomorrow, who is going to open your eyes. So we have to prepare people for the times which are head of us, we believe in the independence of people. We believe the creativity of the people and also we know there is a tremendous amount of animosity of all the people.

When the girl is virgin she wants to break the virginity. Not because she feels sexy, forget it. Who told you that? Now, a stage reaches when her own animosity that she is she, wants to get out and break it through, she creates the relationship. What is a virginity to a girl? Nothing, it’s a simple phenomena. Very simple. Why she wants to break it? That’s very simple too. Her essence that she is she in sexual world and she doesn’t want to be she in the sexual world anymore, she breaks it. When you do not want to be in the world of one constant state of consciousness of which you are constantly constant and you are carrying on continuously in the continuity of it, a one state affirmative of your life and you want to break it, who breaks it? Not you, your animosity to that phenomena. Nobody does wrong. Nobody wants to do anything wrong. There is no such thing as wrong. You act against you. That’s wrong. You act for you, that’s right. You act for you in relationship to the harmony of everything around you, it is called truth, correct, legal, whatever. But when you act for you against everybody else, they get you. So who are you? You are you for you and against you subject to the surrounding which is called the orbit. Any individual or every individual is a star which moves on its own axle and it moves on its own orbit in proportion to the entire cosmos.

What is cosmos? My cosmos is my world. Everybody has his world. And everybody shall continue to have their world. The world around you is your orbit. The activity of you is your axle. You move on your axle and you move on your orbit and when you are out of proportion you are miserable, when you are in harmony you are beautiful. Understand? You like it but you don’t understand it, I know. You like it what I have said. Most of my lectures you like it.

The difficulty will be, there will be difficulty. I am going now to talk certain things to which you have to match up. And what is the difficulty is you miss many lectures. I don’t miss teachings. I know there are fifty-two weeks and twice a week I have to teach, somehow I make it up. But you guys have an animosity against you. And you don’t keep the link and then what happens, when you come to a lecture you like it, wow, wonderful, but it goes over your head and that is my problem which I see. You have to understand it.

Now in caliber and in frequency there is a proportion of polarity. In caliber and polarity is the reality of the existing pranic energy and the apanic energy, that is again a polarity of the energy. Sensuality and sexuality also has sacrifice and grace. Polarity. Selfless service also has selfish service. Service has polarity. I have you, you have me, we are in polarity. After all, who we are? Are we are what we are? No we are not what we are, who can tell us we are? We are not what we are, nobody can tell us who we are. Then how to find it? You must learn to be a computer. Special computer. And that computer is that you must always think diagonally. Because when two polarities clash one thing will happen. Spark. Out. But if two polarities clash and you go this way you cause a call is diagonal. Zee energy. So your computer should always tell you, this is pro, this is con, this is plus, this is minus and this is you. Three dimensions. Everything must be decided, not this is plus and this is minus. This is gain and this is loss. This is great and this is small. Forget it, you will make a mess out of you. Everything should be decided, this is A and this is B, and here is C. This is plus, this is minus, this is me. Sometimes this is gain and this is loss and this is me. Sometimes taking the loss keeps the me safe. Sometimes taking the gain keeps the C safe.

I have been telling all the 3HO people to live in condominiums and in communities. I have been talking ten years. I have been talking people to come and move here, live together. People don’t understand. I am not crazy. People who come to my class come from valleys, people who come, come from eastern Los Angeles, come from everywhere, then why I am saying it? Because how neurotic you all maybe, in time of difficulty you are forced to move together and in United States of America times are coming when you will not move united, you will perish. I want you all to learn.

People asked me a question, what is survival? I said, “It’s a paranoia. Survival is a paranoia.” If it is not a paranoia then it’s a very simple thing. In your mind you must know in case of emergency what I have to do. That’s all. Every Mormon knows in case of emergency what he has to do. Every catholic who belongs to the survival center knows, every government person in federal government knows in survival what you have to do. Every person in 3HO knows that he should have a good sturdy car, empty gasoline can, empty. When the time will be hard, fill it, otherwise don’t keep that fire hazard in your house. Keep them empty. Survival situation that normally as a American you go on a journey and you have certain pans and pots, and certain things, then you have kids with all your family requirements the minimum. And anybody ask me question ‘sir, why not we store food?’ I say well, ‘if New York person stores food, all he invites is a fat rat.’ They’ll come and eat it. There is no survival there from those big fat sharp teeth rats. They eat through steel. And what is the survival in New York and Baltimore? (?) electricity bill, they rioted, they looted the whole city. People ask what is survival against Washington D.C. I said nothing. Because within the one hundred and fifty mile radius of Washington D.C. everybody has to evacuate, what is survival there? We get into a phobia, we know, we see, survival, survival, survival, spend money on survival. And then when you have to spend and you have to survive you have no money. Because what you do is action and reaction. You forget who you are. Action and reaction is all right, it is normal, it is human, you must act buy by God, you must understand one thing, that with action and reaction you must not forget who you are, what you are, where you are and why you are. Because against your animosity, against your…

Guru says very simple, very, very beautifully he said, nirbhav, nirvair. Be fearless and you will be revengeless. You are not fearless, you are afraid and you have vengeance against yourself. You don’t avenge at other people, you avenge yourself, you avenge your success, you avenge your constructivity, you avenge your sacrifice, you avenge your right thinking positive.

One girl once said, “Aaah!”

I couldn’t believe what happened to her, she yelled and screamed. And then I laughed. She said, “Why you laughed?”

I said, “Oh, you are upset for your good behavior?”

She said, “Yeah, how you know it?”

I said, “I know, I know, you behaved very well for three days, it is expected of you, seventy two hours is a long time of a good behavior for a girl like you who is neurotic. You should have done something, thank God you did only you yelled, you didn’t do anything more than that. It is expected of you to do more.”

Some people’s husbands feel their wives are normal. Sometime normal wives feel their husbands are normal. Oh people of America, I tell you something today, I am making a prophecy. You have two things, third thing is missing. You have beautiful bodies and you have beautiful spiritual bodies. But your mental body has more cracks than you can handle. That’s why you are cracks. It’s so crunky and crunchy and it goes so much in up and down. Somebody once asked me on this tour, “What is the problem in America?”

I said, “Very simple. People in America do not know how in long range they have to plan and behave.” In short range you are very good. On any short-range mental flight you can do very well. On a long range mental flight you are just bums. Lack of training. And this training is called Sadhana. Why? Why Sadhana is training?

Once a person (?) “I go to Sadhana everyday but sleep there.”

I say, “Far out. You are the best.”


I say, “After all you get up. If Sadhana can do this thing against a odd to a even time it makes you get up then we know at any emergency where you are challenged by your self you can consciously get up and consciously getting up is called dignity.” Consciously getting up is called character. When you all the time consciously get up to odd things it is called character. When you act to negativity it is called dignity. Because you react, you are positive.

In this human mechanism I have to give you a long meditation today, but let me finish it. In this human mechanism you have tremendous policies of destroying yourself. In this human mechanism you have tremendous chance of acting against yourself. But you have also a very beautiful chance to recuperate. There is no dead end. There is no dead end and there is no need to think that you will meet that dead end. You can do fault and you can correct the fault. Because everything fault and right thing is all what you are. You are vibrating being. You can vibrate wrong and you can vibrate right. But if your patterns becomes phobic then comes the problem. It is the phobia, fear of the self, fear of the action, fear of the success, fear of the marriage, fear of the child, fear of the relationship. Some people have fear. They are in 3HO for seven years they are afraid to be 3HO. We are 3HO. Oh I don’t want Dharma. They live Dharma, their total existence, foundation is Dharma. They say (?).

I got a very funny letter, “I love Yogiji but I don’t love Dharma.”

I say wow, far out. Ten years I have been telling get to Dharma, so that you burn the karma and once you burn the karma with Dharma, you will be free. Because where there is Dharma there is nokarma. Where there is karma, there is no Dharma. Cause must have effect. It’s very simple. Then what is the need of Dharma? What is Dharma? Dharma is a statement of fact. Dharma is a statement of fact which through the human experience has been found out in values, which through the human experience has been found out in values which are above time and space. Which are above time and space. So what is the purpose of life to be above time and space? So long you are subject to time and space and values you will be unhappy.

You know, have you seen me any day standing on that gate and checking how many people come for Sadhana and how many don’t? Have you ever? I don’t care. Because Sadhana is a self-energizing thing, why should I care? And I don’t believe you are all dumb and I have to coax you to do things. I believe you are great, I believe you know everything. I think you are perfect. You are perfect minus your own animosity. Because nobody in the outside world is interested in you and nobody in the outside world is interested to destroy you. Nobody in the outside world is interested to play your games. You always end up playing your own game. And in this life of yours there are many days and many nights. But night is not you and day is not you. You will always be you and days and nights are for you, they are not you.

Pavan Guru paani pitha matha dharath matth, divas raat du-i daa-ee daa-i-aa khaylai sagal jagat.”

Days and nights are like maids in which the child plays.

“Changi-aa-ee-aa buri-aa-ee-aa vaachai Dharam hadhoor.”

Bad things and good things are being looked upon in the presence of Dharma. Because bad things and good things are karma.

“Karmee aapo aapnee kay nayrhai kay dhoor.”

Through your action there is no distance, there is no distance, it means there is no space when there is no space, it means there is no time.

“Karmee aapo aapnee kay nayrhai kay dhoor, Jinee naam Dhi-aa-i-aa ga-ay maskat ghaal.”

Those who have meditated on this holy nam, holy nam is anything which tunes you up to Infinity. Holy nam is?

Students: Anything which tunes you up to Infinity.

YB: Infinity. Because nine holes you all have, tenth hole is the hole of vibratory Infinity. That’s holynam. I am teaching you science because you have to teach people scientifically what Dharma is. This is the age of space and time. So you are teaching a science of above time and space and you have to explain in the terminology of the science.

“Jinee naam Dhi-aa-i-aa ga-ay maskat ghaal.”

Maskat means hard labor. Where there is a labor there is a liberty. Where there is a labor, liberty, all you say is there is no liberty without labor. That’s called Sadhana. What is labor? Sadhana. Ga-ay maskat ghaal, Naanak tay mukh ujalay kaytee chhutee naal.

They go with such a light and grace and radiance, their time and space account is burned here. They don’t carry anything. You go very tensed to somebody, sir! He says welcome, welcome, welcome, thank you for saying sir to me. Sir, I have emergency. Oho, there is emergency? Yeah. Sit down, sit down. What do you mean by emergency? What kind of emergency? You will start freaking out, oh my God, I came to him to create an emergency in him, he is not accepting it. Because Nanak tay mukh ujalay. There is no emergency.

I was in a very good mood today. I said, “Is he breathing?”


I said, “He lives.”

“But once he stopped breathing.”

I said, “Yeah, five times death comes, Guru saved him this time. That’s it.”

Everybody dies five times. Everybody. It is only at the fifth time when the tattva does not help you, you got to go. And that going God cannot stop. Because God is bound by the same law with which you are bound, laws have their own territory, their own jurisdiction, there is no problem. I didn’t got up. I was taking my food, I was very relaxed. The only worry was is he breathing? Yes. Pranas are still continuing. He is all right. Emergency was there. Sure. There is no problem of emergency. And if somebody can tell him to alternate his breathing and practice it very well which you used to do in first yoga classes you will not have this kind of problem. So what to do, people know everything, it is all in books. They call ‘beads of truth.’ People have framed them, people have made the copies of them, bound them, but they never read them. Aha! When you do not read the knowledge and understand the knowledge, knowledge does not acknowledge you. And when you are not acknowledged person then at time where knowledge is required you do not know what is required. That is life is. Life is a law of polarity to give you unison activity to find oneness within yourself and in the surrounding of you.

You sometime say you lie. I don’t think you lie. There is no such thing lie, I don’t understand what you mean by this expression. Somebody lies, somebody is truthful. No, no, somebody is afraid, he is saving the time and space, he is lying and somebody who is not afraid is stating what is to be stated. What he is stating is not truth either. What is a truth? Truth is a statement which either takes you or gives you the experience of Infinity. So how many people of you will speak truth all the time? Are you kidding? And what is a truth? Truth is Infinity. Anything which beyond time and space of its own living lives is called truth. Lie life don’t, it doesn’t live. That’s why they call it lie, spell it differently. And just accuse people, I have seen you sometime very funny, you wear white clothes. You are just angels. You are white swans of time and space. And you know somebody lies, somebody is true. I say well, they don’t they just wear clothes, they don’t know anything what they are talking about. Nobody lies and nobody speaks truth either. They are very antique commodity.

Because you are all subject to time and space, all you are subject to time and space therefore you serve time and space. Sometime you are in such a space, you can’t say what you feel. you are lying. If you mean what lie is. Sometime you are in such a time you do not know what you are saying and you are still saying something. You are not speaking the truth. Your expression at that time is I do not know who am I and when you do not know who you are don’t speak, shut up.

You know, sometime you feel you cause trouble to yourself. Now I am causing trouble to myself from last ten years. Lot of people are angry at me, they slander me, they hate me, they do lot of things to me, you know, what I feel? I feel I am alive. At least, I am doing something, things are vibrating. If lot of people will not be negative to me, then from where I get this positive people. Positive shall always have negative to balance it out, negative will always have positive and in this positive and negative game I am enjoying the life. And I shall only enjoy to that extent when I know I am nor positive, I am nor negative, I am I am. You forget it. You pay five dollars twice a week to just learn one thing from me-keep up. If you take all my lectures and all my yoga thing I tell you it rounds and surrounds around one thing only, keep up. Keep up you will be kept up. Everything else is a hotchpotch of time and space. Excelsior, I have a dream though I don’t dream.

(Students’ laughter)

It’s a funny thing I can’t speak on this thing dream, I don’t have it. My subconscious is a hollow bamboo tube, you know it goes everything straight, either in great consciousness or here. In-between there is nothing. So I can’t say what dream is. So when they ask me to speak on dream I said it is something which subconscious releases something and whatever I have read in those books that’s the only… All right, I’ll say I have a imagination. Is there any better expression than dream? I have an imagination, I see a man taming a lion, taming the beast. My sign is the yawning beast. In my office you must have seen that lion. Yawning lion! That’s my symbol. The beast, the lion, who is mighty, in the morning when the sun rises he yawns. That’s his prayer. That is his surrender to the Almighty Infinity and that is what I love the most. I love when the beast in me yawns in the morning to see the Infinity of happening.

Because you must know as a law, one who does not know the depth does not measure the height. Law of polarity. One who does not know what is a sin does not know also what merit is. Understand? And when I see people denying oh no this is wrong, I don’t know, I know he doesn’t know this wrong, he also doesn’t know the right. Pure dangerous. It’s pure dangerous. You must know what is right and you must know what is right and you must know what is wrong and you must know what wrong is. If you do not know what wrong is and you will never know what right is. I can tell you, you can quote me on it. Your problem is you only want to learn right, you do not want to learn the wrong of it, forget it, you hang up in-between.

You must know pro, you must know con, you must know positive and you must know negative and then you must balance yourself with it, then you know what experience is. And that is called the learning. So we are going to meditate now?

Everybody is ready? Hands balancing on your spine straight.

Side B

Right, make the fist of your thumbs and these thumbs should be met like in the center and these hands must hold them, these hands, the elbows with the body should hold them. Very simple. These two egos, straight up. More you will make them straight, more they will hurt. That’s what when you straighten out the ego it hurts. That’s why thumbs always want to bend forward, they do not want to go up but just pull them up straight. Hold it under your control, got it? It is called alternative breathing with it, very funny part. Inhale through nose, exhale through mouth, inhale through mouth, exhale through nose, continue, see what it does to you.

Student: (——)

YB: At the tip of your nose. Just I want to tell you it will do what it does to you. Do it right. Don’t break the rhythm. Use your nose properly and use your mouth properly. Come on, come on. Do you believe it is going to do something to you and I want you to acknowledge the fact. You paid for it, you got it, yoga. Come on folks, come on.

Sometime I am so merciful and so kind that I want to give you the heaven and earth both at the same time and you are so lazy you can’t even breathe. This summer for ladies camp I am going to teach Kundalini Yoga to ladies. Stretch your thumbs straight, don’t let them bend, they will bend I know. They don’t obey you. Come on, you have to do it for your own experience, not for mine. Come on breathe. One through the nose, out through the mouth, then through the mouth, out through the nose, all guys and gals, breathe that way, aren’t you know country music, you know those (?). They don’t have any poetry they just make it up. Breathe through the nose and through the mouth, and through the mouth and through the nose, that is the way the guys and gals go, come on quick, hurry up folks.

You are really funny, I am trying to help you to do something. Don’t cheat on your breathing, keep up going, come on, come on. I know it is a funny feeling, you paid for it, you got it yoga, come on, hurry up. Why can’t you rhythmically breathe? What is wrong I am saying? What is a drug? Drug is a mental bug. It’s not prescribed by a doctor. Come on folks, come on, I just want you to be beautiful. I have no other interest. Did I do something wrong? I learnt it, I shared with you.

Inhale, stretch your hands up and stretch your spine like anything. Stretch. Stretch like a stretcher. One stretch, two stretch, three, four, five, let it go. Inhale. (?) stretch. Come on, one stretch, two stretch, three… breathe out. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale completely please, exhale totally and now stretch one stretch, two, three, four, five, five, six, seven, eight, eight, nine, seven, eight, nine, ten, that’s it inhale. Thank you, relax.

Well, if God gives me life I am going to make a crystal out of you anyway. I think my intentions are changing now, we should give you really meditation here, I know nobody does it at home.

(Students’ laughter)

You know what I mean? The problem between you and me is I know you all and you have not yet known me in ten years. It’s all right, it’s all right. It is absolutely all right. Don’t meditate, but whenever you will catch up and I’ll catch up with you, I’ll see that you meditate so hard that next time you don’t want to come. But if you come that’s called Sadhana. Sadhana is when you don’t want to come and you come and you don’t want to do and do it and do it positively and you understand it’s your Infinity, that’s all. Good, that’s a good definition? Now you will meditate? Okay. What are you saying?

Student: (——)

YB: It should be practiced almost eleven minutes, provided you already do good breathing. Three-four minutes will do, five-seven-eight good, eleven nice and I don’t think twenty-two minutes you should do because then you will be spaced out and you need lot of frozen yogurt to come out of it.

(Students’ laughter)

Hey, listen, this is coming what you call is sometime this year time will come when you get lot of blueberries, when it is?

Students: (——)

YB: Spring, late spring, May-June.

Student: (——)

YB: June-July? Those little blueberries? Okay write it down. Pound of blueberries and make a homemade yogurt with that, homemade yogurt and put acidophilus in it. Okay, it will be very strange cultural effect on you.

(Students’ laughter)

You understand? Per pound of blueberries you will require about two pounds of milk, good milk, and you require about four ounces of acidophilus, good acidophilus and then you require a culture if you are making a homemade yogurt already you can use that and you may mess up twice or thrice but ultimately you will understand how much warmth you require in the oven to bring it right and then that’s one thing I’ll advise you not to share with anybody. Take the pot and take your both hands and man grab it in. Do it once a week, for four weeks, you will have lot of things gone out of your bodies called sickness. Health bugs.

The class sings: “May the long time sun shine upon you…”

YB: Guide, guide, guide, guide, guide, you know guide. We have been talking ten years guide your way on. You know 3HO has tenth anniversary. In nineteen sixty-nine to nineteen seventy-nine, in fourteen-sixty nine came Guru Nanak, in nineteen sixty-nine came 3HO. In nineteen seventy-nine it became Sikh Dharma and panth Khalsa and God knows what it is going to be. But this time I’ll invite you to something. If it happens that Bhai Sahib Kapoor Singh comes here, he is a storyteller of the Sikhism, he is a professor of, he is national professor of Sikhism. He is a good storyteller plus other things. He will be around here and we will give you a chance to meet him and talk to him. He is a fantastic man, neither he agrees with anything nor he disagrees with anything. He is a man by himself, I met him this time. I am not doing PR for him because sometime things happen to end up in a mess. But at least it’s my experience that you will be privileged, and I think Gurmath you should arrange your house in such a way to accommodate this man and take care of him and talk to him and he should talk to you. So he is quite one pointed, and you are very one pointed. So both one pointed are going to meet.

(Students’ laughter)

I am inviting him to come and be with us. Plus this time lot of people are coming to the Khalsa council meeting and it’s going to be very beautiful April. Beautiful April, beautiful Baisakhi. And I hopefully think that you all will enjoy.

There is a mystique about us, mystique, we are very mystiques. With all the faults we know still we are going on. Isn’t it a mystery?

(Students’ laughter)

We know how much bums we are but without any bum we are kept going, and our shock absorbers are okay. It’s a fun. We are Americans, we are unique, we bug every American the way we look, the way we eat, the way we talk, they all think we have come from Venus or from Mars but now they have found out on no planet there is life so they think we are very unique. And mostly they think we are Arabs and sometime they think we are from Yemen and sometimes they think we are from India, but God, they do not think we all come from Los Angeles.

(Students’ laughter)

And Los Angeles is getting redeemed because it has given birth to lot of angels. But still because our feathers are not growing and our wings are not coming out, so we cannot proclaim the angelhood. So please wait till that time. We can fly in the air. Not for five thousand dollars but just for the fun of it.

Many speak of courage, hey sing some good song, song of the Khalsa, come on, come on, hurry up. Since you got engaged you are getting lazier. Where is your fiancé? We should complain to her. Hey, tune him up. Tune him up. Okay, okay, come on.

(Students sing…)

Come on, come on watch that girls will sing.

(Song stops.)

Ladies and Gentlemen, we will meet tomorrow at six thirty to keep talking about the mysteries of the unknown within and without. Thank you.

The class sings: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…

YB: Suriya, how old you are? Be bold.

Student: (——)

YB: That’s good, that means eleven. Twenty-nine if reversed it is ninety-two.

(Students’ laughter)

That’s a long life. You mean that’s all, I mean no cake-wake is coming? Oh by the way she fed us today at lunch, it’s unbelievable. After eating that kind of enchil… I don’t know what to call it. But whatever that was I forgave her for all her previous and future sins.

(Students’ laughter)

Student: (——)

YB: Yeah, but whatever she did I couldn’t believe this little thing can make such a beautiful dish, it was far out. Come on, come on now serve the cake, hurry up, I am waiting. No, no he has found his music now it is a French (?).

(Students’ laughter)

Now (?) Frenchian music, so normal music is little difficult these days. Now you sing sususaaaaa seeeseees sususaaaa…

(Students’ laughter)

Come on, come on, sing. Oh my God! You should have remembered that I am dieting.

(Students’ laughter)

But because it’s a cake… I never used to eat before. It’s a good cake. Niranjan, tell the computer company that they have to sell that computer to that man and they should call him. They all are here.

Student: (——)

YB: It was good that our Khalsa computers are so reputed, but somebody referred them as the best computer shop in the town.


And with all their neurosis to be referred that way is a far out recommendation, I can’t believe it. I think they fight between themselves, but with outside they are always smiling. And they do a good job. Okay.

Student: (——)

YB: You are on time otherwise I would have eaten the whole thing.

(Students’ laughter)

YB: Some people have to assist. I am looking these days towards Premka for many reasons. If she becomes skinny I’ll lose weight. But the secretary general is so busy she doesn’t know when is the daytime and when is the nighttime. Unbelievable. But she is a very hardworking personality. Seldom you see her these days remember. We never saw her anywhere, right?

(Students’ laughter)

Look at her, she is really working hard. And we have this special thing we imported from Eugene, Oregon, she can eat the whole cake for the entire house and still not put up a pound. I think she did with some instant something when she did PhD that she is becoming like a skinny thing by herself. I am talking to Dr. Sat Kirpal Kaur Khalsa. The manufacturing great spirit behind the Wahe GuruChew.

(Students’ laughter)

Okay folks, I think the party about Suriya has good joke. Thank you I have to meet some people.

• • •

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