Siri Singh Sahib’s Lecture to the Espanola Sangat – 1975

HDGRD Gurdwara

by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji

In the United States of America, we have often found that there is no family, and for people in Espanola, this is the Mother House of this entire 3HO family. That’s why you have to suffer more. 3HO or Sikh Dharma started in New Mexico. This is the root of everything that we have, therefore, this is our den; here we come for shelter. Here we come for help. And here we come to get; and those who need, they must be fulfilled. If we don’t fill the cup, nothing will flow out of it. If the cup is empty, what can flow out of it? Nothing. People who are here sometimes don’t want to listen to anything. But if you go around on tour, you will be surprised what people think of you. People think of you as a Mother. People relate to this place as a very Divine center where they can get anything they want. That is why you end up paying the bills and they end up getting a lot out of you.

Somewhere in this family there has to be a pivot: there has to be a center and this place is always centered. I don’t know how much you may be complaining, but you are very virtuous. What is a virtue? When people look to you. What is prosperity? When you can share, you can give, without asking the reward from it. You are rich. What is rich? When you can spare for others who are needy. Those are potential virtues which have been assigned to you. Not by any resolution or any revelation – it is all Divine who did it. God alone guided us to this place. Therefore, I have always said this place never belongs to any one person; it belongs to God. Because we never would have thought of getting it; we would not have imagined to get it. We had no means to get it. It is given to us. Therefore, it is of God and Guru. My dear folks, I am not trying to put you into any jeopardy of thought. I am trying to get you to think the way I think. I am sharing with you my thought patterns and remember my words. Whosoever will do a little in this house, God shall stand for the entire incarnation for that person. If ever I have spoken a truth and you have ever believed me, whosoever will serve this house, he shall be served forever. I am very sure of that. That’s why when I see somebody very miserable, in a tragedy, I say La Hacienda de Guru Ram Das. Go – you’ll be happy there. There’s no herb there, there’s no medicine there, there’s nothing you can see, but Guru Ram Das is everywhere–his mailing address is here.

In our belittlement, we forget a lot of things. We chip off walls, we don’t clean, we yell and scream–we feel we are miserable. No, my friends, without protection of this house, you may have experienced much misery. Yet God knows how much shelter the psyche of this place is providing you. You have no estimate. I wish you should see with the eyes what I see. I see how the unseen showers His grace and blessing on each one here. I see it and know it and therefore I can say it also. Nobody on the earth could plan to be here – we are guided here. It was given to us and it was not done by any man. In times to come, the very dust of this place, whoever will touch it, will be cured. It will heal people, give people prosperity. Joy and happiness will come to them in abundance who will just do a little seva, a little service here. Therefore, please recognize what history has to say. In the end of our consciousness, we all feel we have to belong to somebody. And here we are in a  position that the entire family feels that they belong to you. Do you understand that privilege? It is the first house of the Khalsa Council. It was first La Hacienda de Guru Ram Das ever bought and purchased. It is the birthplace of 3HO. It is the fountain spirit from which the saints and soldiers, the future of this earth, lives. This place is the fountain place of 5,000 years of humanity to follow. History will record it and you are few, those fortunate souls who have been persuaded to receive the gift to serve this house. Just think and imagine it! The life is not important which cannot serve, cannot give comfort to others. Life which cannot give anything to others is not important at all. The value of life is what it can give. That is why I always say, “Let us plant trees. Let us work here.” It will be acceptable to God, because God guided us here.

The prosperity of self, and the future of Dharma tied in with the entire humanity, looks to you as the Mother Center. Mother, the giver of life, prosperity, coziness, calmness, advise and wisdom – the One who nurtures. This is that place where people saw the twilight and the mother figure–even in the sky. Therefore, in the depth of our meditation, we must recognize it.

Those who will think that this is just dirt; their life will be dirt. And those that think that this is a holy place; their life will be holy. Those who will give their seva, their service, or do simran here because God guided them, then God will also guide them to Infinity. Those who will serve with ego, their generations will suffer. Those who will serve here egolessly, shall be recorded as angels. Because this is a place where our birth happened. In the western hemisphere, this is our birthplace. This is the fountain of prosperity where generations will enjoy. That’s why whosoever will meditate here, this will be just as if he is meditating at Harimander Sahib, the Golden Temple. Therefore, it is my duty to remind you, lest you might have forgotten where you live and what you live for. You do not know from this place how much Light comes from the angels. I wish you should see what I see. Don’t misunderstand because I have earthly life, that I live to relate to you. But what I live, I wish you could live too, at that frequency, and see what I see. It is amazingly a world of splendor. Mr. O’Brien, who painted the mural, came here–nowhere else.

There are other centers of 3HO. They don’t have those facilities which you have here. Therefore, if God has guided you here and has given you the virtue to do service here, and has given you that chance, then don’t waste it. It’s a place to gain and to be what is yours to be. Therefore, I say to you that take the very earth of this place and put it on your forehead. It will rewrite your destiny. Try to understand the basic virtue of this place, just meditate and feel the coziness you’ve got here. That is why I say to you. Don’t run around. Don’t be foolish. Don’t waste time. You are fortunate and you are most fortunate! Now if you put pearls before a swine, what can I do? My job is just to let you know.

There are a lot of funny things, but I tell you – just sometimes grab a handful of certain earth from this land, this house, and just put it on where you think nothing can cure. Just watch in a few minutes what it does. You don’t believe other than the practical, right? But I want you not to believe it, just do it, and you’ll be amazed. Oh my dear sons and daughters, somewhere in your destiny God guided you here. One day the day shall come when the very dust of this place shall bring peace and prosperity and shall cure humanity. This is a virtuous land. Here dwells the spirit of Guru Ram Das, the healing guardian of this planet, the great master of destiny of the humanity and guide to health, happiness and the spirit of the being.

I just want to remind you that if you know how to meditate; then meditate on this land and beautify it. Your generations will live in beauty and grace. There are homes and there are houses; there are palaces and there are kings and kingdoms. But Jerusalem is Jerusalem, and Amritsar is Amritsar. And this La Hacienda de Guru Ram Das will be this La Hacienda de Guru Ram Das. There shall be nothing to equal it. And there shall be nothing to parallel to it. Therefore, if you want virtues out of your lifetime, give a couple of hours so that you can know the depth of your self. That is meditation. It is the beginning of the dawn of time. I want you to fulfill your life in prosperity and peace. After all, if you have to know the truth, you have to live the truth, that is why I say, meditate on this place of prosperity where the spirit of God falls at 90 degrees direct. It is your birthplace. It is a fountain of virtues. It is a healing land. Therefore, please remember where you do live and where you do dwell and where your destiny has to be. Therefore, in the depth of your thought, we should just live here just meditatingly. There’s no greater opportunity but to serve this house and meditate here! Sing and praise the Lord. It will be heard; I vouch for that.

Copyright: Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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