40 Days of Poetry: Day 1


My Song


You left me in the cold, but your face is not that bold,

And the stories you were told were not believed.

Be bright as my soul, shine to all, my whole life’s goal.

Don’t wither, spread hope and harmony.

If we don’t set the goal, what’s tomorrow to be told,

For tomorrow we must face it anyway.

Let us build a happy way, the homage we must pay,

For life and love is ours today.

Let us be holy, happy and bright,

Beautiful days and cozy nights.

Joyful living and loving care,

You and me and us we share.

Smiles and our songs, they’ll live forever.

We’ll leave these memories for our childrens ecstasy.

That is our legacy, a guide to destiny, and ecstasy.

And to those who gave with love, they are those who have found God.

Let us play the game of love, bow your head and walk my path.

May you live in my breath of life, blossoming and free of strife.

Come to me, I’ll come to you, love me as I love you.


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