United U.S.

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United States.

Everybody loves, nobody hates.

Some came early, some came late.

What a pretty country,

Everyone dates.


Land of Jesus, Moses and Abraham.

Land of fulfilling Guru Gobind Singh’s dream.

Blue clear skies,

Lightning and thunder.

United States is us,

It is God’s wonder.


People are hardy, honest and good,

Blunt and clearheaded, as one should.

People are loving, have no boast,

Wonderful land from coast to coast.


Nations of nations,

It is one nation.

For the freedom of man,

God’s creation.


Shining sun and star filled skies,

Majestic mountains, standing tall and high.

Where man is free, freedom above all,

Poor and rich all walk tall.


Spirit is flowing — people are learning,

Wheel of Time always turning.

God loves America, wonderful land,

United, united in God’s own hand.


by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

Written Sunday, December 23, 1979


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