40 Days of Poetry: Day 14


My Crosswinds


Living is good.

I don’t know why it should.

There is nothing so bad,

But everything is sad.

I do just to do.

It can be good or bad too.

Who is pure,

Who has sinned,

One is caught in one’s own crosswind.

I am lonely.

Have no peer,

Though all love me

As a sage or a seer.

Cold, cold is the lonely one

Waiting for the morning sun.

Dark, lonely, cold night,

One’s own lips there to bite.

If in heart there is no light,

What can be warm, cozy, and bright.

Come like a sunbeam

Bright and clear,

Still unseen, very far, very near.

With me,

In me,

Make the breath hot.

Entangled, wrangled, indulged, and caught.

At night I leave

The body to meditate.

I walk into every heart.

So I relate;

Life is good.

Good is God.

Everyone is good –

So I thought


Written by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on December 4, 1979



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