40 Days of Poetry: Day 15


Ocean Tide


As tides in the ocean hit the shore,

And powerful winds pound it more,

And turbulence attacks every door,

Peaceful life becomes uprooted.

At that moment, my love, Nations awaken

And carry the flag to reach their destiny.


In this storm of attack as waves of hate rise,

Enemies we love wield weapons forged of lies.

They cut through the calm, death blades churning,

Passions of vengeance cutting and burning,

Sharp teeth of ignorance in a roaring jaw,

Wild animal nature attacking till our wounds become raw.

At this moment, my love, each soldier of the Nation,

Picks up the flag to pitch it on the peak of VICTORY!


Oh, soldier-saints you know your destiny,

You know Khalsa’s ultimate glory.

Each one of you must now rise up

And fulfill your role in the story.

Each one of you knows you are a saint,

From your souls this spiritual nation has come,

To mint tomorrow and get rid of sorrow,

You must all unite as one.


Oh sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh,

You are very real and very clear.

Your duty for tomorrow is your duty of today,

The time is now, the time is here.

Don’t you know these

30 trillion cells shall keep away the hell

From my children today and my darling ones of tomorrow?

Don’t you see that you must become me

To get rid of suffering and sorrow?


There’s nothing to fear, I’ll always be here,

My love for you is forever.

When my body dies, the lesson will be high,

Learn now to walk together.

When a wise man lies, earth kisses the skies,

So now as my heart gets it rest,

I’m watching to see, do you understand me?


What I’ve taught, do you practice your best?

Mother nature made me lie down,

To watch you carry on this mission.

This humble prayer of love I send:

May no storm of passion cloud your vision.

May kindness and compassion emerge as Guru you serve,

Anger and treachery leave when Guru’s grace you receive.


Oh, my loves, let the spring come,

Fragrant flowers of consciousness bloom in your heart.

Peace and happiness reign, ocean of life calm once again,

Souls united in Truth are never apart.

What I’ve done and not done,

Doesn’t really matter,

Truth will stand out –

It’s something nobody can shatter.


House of the Guru will live forever.

Be in peace, never say ‘’never”.

Each one is a Saint, each one is a whole,

Yogi loves everyone, Yogi loves every soul.


Written by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on December 3, 1986

at Cedars Sinai Hospital, Intensive care Unit



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