40 Days of Poetry: Day 3

All Will Pass 

It is a big black hole with no color

And it is pitch dark

It is the sky

It is the universe

It is the blue arc

It is the Akasha


It is the essence in a human

It is the essence of care

Essence of human happiness

Is that all shall pass.

Person is an individual

God is the boss.

Sky tells you something

Which you must know.

It is reality and nonreality

With which you must grow.

When you see limited

When you see confined

When you feel painful

Hopeless and fined.

Punished and disgraced

Running out of time

Running out of race.

Out of step

Depressed and in sorrow

Nothing to keep up for a beautiful tomorrow.

Go where horizon is

Look up and see

Where you were that has become the horizon

And sky is blue as high as you can see.

God is infinite

Every horizon is a limit

Everyday of spirit

Is the human summit.

There is no horizon

It is all a mental mirage

Heart has no limit

No reason and no cause.

It beats and it beats

It can beat at all times

It is a master of courage

It is a matter of the spine.

Cherdhi Kala or Kundalini

It is that of a rising star

It is the uplifting of the self

It is answering the call

It is the courage

It is the Surge

It is the sky with the stars

It is the sun

It is the moon

It is the land and the sea.

To every depressed question sky is the key

Sky is high

It is studied with stars

It has an endless horizon

Like Ek Ong Kar.

It is vast like that of Sat Nam

It is blue everywhere

It is Karta Purkh and calm.

It is Nirbhao, Nirvair

Like a caring man

It is Akal Purkh in spirit

Like elevated man.

It is a celestial song

Ajuni Sai Bhang

It is every breath of life

It is divine to be sung

By every human being

Who believes in the Nadh

It is beautiful

It is wonderful

It is Gurprasad.

When I took at the blue sky

It came to me all

All shall pass

Everything will solve

It solves itself

It rises and falls

It is the living principle

It uplifts and dissolves

Let us all know

Let us all believe

Tomorrow is beautiful

Tomorrow shall heal.

There is no pain

It is the mud and the rain

There is no fall

It is spring’s future call.

There is no winter snow

It is the summer heat’s glow

Everything is everything

It is come and go.

Meditate, my mind

As vast as the sky

Ang Sang is Wahe Guru

Ang Sang Gurhai.

Everywhere is a star

Studded in the sky

That is what is Wahe Guru

That is what is Gurhai.


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