40 Days of Poetry: Day 4


Blessed is My Soul


Blessed is my soul which is free.

Luckily it has no belly.

Neither it is dry nor wet,

Neither it is happy nor it sweats.

It has nothing to sell or buy

It has nothing to even try.


I am lucky I have a soul.

It goes everywhere and pays no toll.

Sometimes it is low, sometimes it is high,

But it always moves on the turnpike.

It is educated, but it reads no signs

What a wonderful soul is mine!


I am lucky I do have a soul,

Between the white and the black hole.

My soul knows the absolute,

And it is my soul to which I salute.


I am happy each day,

I have a beautiful soul to play.

It is a beautiful little soul of mine.

It is radiant and has a wonderful shine.

It is my friend and playmate,

My soul is my best soul-mate.


I am lucky I do have a soul,

It is the nucleus of the world as a whole.

Blessed is my soul which is free.

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