40 Days of Poetry: Day 21


The Guru’s Legacy 


Through Nanak, the Name vibrates in all beings – Antar.

Through Angad, God prevails in each fibre – Santar.


Through Amar Das, the soul vibrates the infinite sound – Mantar.

Through Ram Das, the sovereign rule has been found – Sutantar.


Through Arjan, the essence of the Word has manifested.

Through Hargobind the throne of God was constructed.


Through Har Rai the stage of ecstasy is achieved.

Through Har Krishan, God is perfectly perceived.


While singing the words of the Ninth Guru,

Gobind enters, as knowledge and bliss are imparted to you.


Such is the legacy of the Guru’s Name,

That by whosoever it has been heard or sung,

Spiritual powers, the nine treasures and worldly fame,

Come to the service of that one.


By Guru’s own blessing, with yogic discipline,

The Yogi experiences Raj Yog, the royal union.

The eternal light radiates deep inside,

As the state of Supreme Immortality is deeply imbibed.



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