40 Days of Poetry: Day 22


The Light of Siri Guru


Unto one who is blessed by the Lord who ever prevails,

The innermost secrets of heaven and earth He unveils.

And unto him is bestowed the ‘Gur; the technique,

Through which the mystery of the soul is complete.

Then one who perceives the technology’s merit,

And speaking of the reality of God, he can share it.

This same one who shares the techniques with you,

Is known to be of the same essence as ‘Guru’.

He is Guru who perceives the esoteric nature of truth,

And his very existence as God’s True One is a miracle absolute.

One who imparts the teachings is called   ‘Sat Guru’,

The secrets of Sachkandh he lays open to view.

Then when the Sat Guru into the Formless God merges,

The ‘Siri Guru’ takes its form and emerges.

When God’s Light throughout the heavens penetrates,

That is when the Siri Guru Granth incarnates.

Its rightful place thus assumed by Siri Guru,

It gives forth the knowledge of ‘Wahe Guru’.

The meditation on Wahe Guru, if one can ever remember,

Grants you birth into the form of the Immortal Creator.

Thus the ‘Khalsa’ has become Wahe Guru’s manifestation,

And Dusht Daman, Destroyer of Evil, brings the world liberation.


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