A lecture on Kirtan Sohila


by Siri Singh Sahib Ji

So within lifetime the Guru says: “Read Five Banis.” Those five banis are the most divine combination, or permutation and combination, to stimulate your higher consciousness. Those five banis correct a sadhana in you. Those five banis clean your mind and reset it for every moment of the day. It’s very fantastic to understand. You read three banis in the morning and you read one in the evening and you read one before bedtime. The banis clean your mind and at the bedtime Kirtan Sohila, if you very calmly read… 

I tell you my own experience.

There was a girl, she said it is nine months ago she has slept. Nine months! And I asked her, “Did you go to a doctor?” She said, “Yeah.” “What he prescribed?” She told all the sleeping things and Tylenol and what not. It started with the Tylenol, it started with everything. And finally it has become now so painful that whole night she was exercising, jumping, doing any kind of thing, perhaps out of tiredness she can get sleep. And after working out 5 or 6 hours (her body’s very healthy), she sleeps about an hour or so, and then gets up again. I told her, I said: “Why not you read Kirtan Sohila?” It just came to me. I said,

“Why don’t you read Kirtan Sohila?” She said, “I don’t know. Which is that? Is that the name of a medicine? Can I write it down?” I said, “No, it’s not a medicine. You go to somebody and ask them to let you know what a Kirtan Sohila is. And then just read it.” 

Now, she went to take that Nitnem, which our, those Sindhis have given us, and in that Kirtan Sohila is also in the Roman.

Luckily she got it, and she could pronounce it and she started reading it, day after day, day after day, day after day. She was more sleepy, she was more calm, she was more quiet. And now she enjoys it. Now we can call it a matter of fate, we can call it a miracle, we can call it anything…. but I don’t call it a miracle. I don’t call it a matter of faith. I am calling it a desperate effort to reach reality. “Ch-ea gh-ar ch-ea gur ch-ea up-des.” (Reads syllable by syllable.) Read that way. I bet who cannot sleep on that. Pronounce those sounds. It is such a marvelous combination that it will give you the inside strength to go inside and give you solid infinite feeling.

Next morning you get up early in the morning, you will be fresh, young and powerful. That’s what Gurbani is. 

Gurbani is a spirit… undying spirit… which brings you the strength, reaches you to the light, takes you to the love, asks you to come to me in the strength and love to merge. That’s why Gurbani says: “Come to me, come in me, and take me in you and recite me. Respond to me. Recite me in that response and I’ll give you what I gave to Nanak. Come to me. Be within me. I’ll be within you.” And when you recite it, you’ll recite it from you and it will be as Nanak recited it. As I came through Nanak, I’ll come through you. I don’t differentiate. I don’t make any condition. I’m not asking you. If you do this, I’ll do that. What an Infinite pure love it is.

Come and say: ‘Ik On Kar Sat Gur Prasad.’ Come and show me your love. Walk out. Break the barrier. Break the sacredness. Break your Infinity. Break your Infinity… sacred Infinity which you are totally holding out for fear, for the earth love, you want to be here successful. I am making you here successful and hereafter successful.

Copyright:  Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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