Bana and Business

Siri Pritam Kaur

For over 40 years, I have been a Sikh, and like many of my age, I had many opportunities to be with Siri Singh Sahib. I found that he delighted in business and loved ​giving advice on how to do better. Sometimes it was just with a subtle hint, at other times quite the opposite  (he once hit me over the head with a newspaper).  From all this learning in the Dharma and from my meetings with the Siri Singh Sahib, I have achieved a relative success. I ​want to share with you one aspect about​ how being part of this Dharma has helped me become ​more ​successful in my Business & Clinic:  ​

That is Bana.​

Once established, 80% of business tends to be routine & rather ordinary. However it comes down to key times when things are going haywire that your steel is tested. When big decisions are called for, challenges come quickly and finances are tight; that is when one’s caliber, energy & clarity are needed.
We have so much that is offered to us in our lifestyle to help us and our Bana is one great tool!
I learned a long time ago, that even in times when my confidence dipp​ed low, things were stressful​ and looked dire, people seemed to have tremendous confidence in me! This happened many times & always served to invigorate me tremendously. In an instant the realization hits that there is not just you, but God & Guru by your side….clarity, patience & tolerance abound.

Wearing Bana at work every day has served me well in my Physical Therapy business.  While it took some years with initial snide comments and stares, it turns out now people remember me and come back to me even if they don’t know my name. They will find my clinic and are glad I’m still there. There is trust. People ask me about the Sikhs, and find my presence; a western woman wearing a turban; is a gateway towards answers. It provides a comfort, a constant.

As Siri Singh Sahib said, Bana identifies you and instills trust, brings you honor. Bana takes away from you the chance to play games, to be corrupt”  How true this has been for me.

Don’t hesitate to show who you are.

Siri Pritam Kaur,
Yuba City, CA

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