December 2014 Numerology


December: Number 12 – Waves of longing joyfully returning to the Great 1.

The Dharma of 12 is to remember and practice all that you know. The courage of non-existence that makes all existence possible. In non-existence you are a mirror to all. There is never a reason not to be happy.
The Karma of 12 uses anger as an attempt to control the sorrow. Playing around to avoid the reality. Losing the time. Lost in false reflection of self.

The 0 of the10, in karmic expression, will either magnify the separation, negation or attachment (2) to unbearable intensity, or eclipse it and block access to the moving power of its passion.
As a dharma the 0 will amplify the innocence and eclipse the suffering of duality and direct passion towards compassion.

10 + 2. The longing (2) merges into its own light source (10), and reflects that light in others.
2  just negates or attaches without clear discernment. 12 negates all attachments to the conditioned worlds to affirm the One.
12 is to have realized that absolutely everything is a mirror. And then to go into shuniya/zero where there is nothing to be reflected back to you. Which means you become a pure mirror to all. And the greatest and purest thing to reflect to others is their innocence.

December is the time to take a resume, a summary, to recap and run through the whole year and know what is the final outcome. When we have applied our intelligence with consciousness there will be the instinctive joy of fulfilment.
Depending on the hemisphere December contains the day with the longest or shortest period of dark or light. It is the extreme polarity from where there begins the return to the middle ground of equilibrium. Like extreme denial actually leads to confirming the thing denied.

To know the 12 is to know that we all on the same journey, to know that we all share the same needs and have the same longing. To know that the roots of our karmic actions are born from innocence. All is directed by the One. There is no-one to blame and there is no personal credit to claim. From this realisation we will be naturally available to walk with others and to take them along with us. In fact it would then be our nature to light up the way for others.
1 + 2 = 3. This is action and equality. 2 within 12 implies distance. Guru Naanak reminds us that by our actions we are near or far from the state of conscious reality. While Guru Arjun reminds us to be equally happy if God’s will keeps us near or far from that state of intimacy.

The 12th stage of the Mul Mantra is JAP: Ja is Go , with heart, from the heart. Pa is to realize or obtain; it is abundance through repetition of of the mantra embodied in virtuous actions. So that, even if not fully sincere, those repeated actions shall become increasingly real and second nature (also know as ‘Fake it to make it’).
Everything that has gone before, every lesson, every guidance of the previous steps on the journey through the year is to be repeated, re-lived, until we fully become it. Every personal act we do becomes recognised as a micro manifestation of the Absolute; it reveals the Divine.
There is no 12th Guru. It is you, and me, each of us, in our actions. We are challenged to reflect the oneness, the Allness, in even smallest action. Each of us is God’s own Japa.

– In summary we are saying ‘Unjustified Enthusiasm’, ‘Causeless Joy’, ‘Happiness Without Reason’, and ‘Smiling Because You Can’.  And Pass It On…..
– Read again the Japji of Guru Naanak in the realisation that it is an expression of the soul going through the states to its transcendent identity as the light of consciousness.
– Some sutras:
The illumination of innocence.
Duality overwhelmed by the unifying light.
Every deed a sacred micro-reflection of the Creator.
In the All Bright realm of Ultimate Light there are no shadows.
As drop of water merges in the ocean, my light merges with Thine.
And the mantra of Victory: Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

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