Beloved Guru: A Poem by Guru Nater Singh

Oh, Guru… Who are you to me? Wah!!!


You are the cornerstone

of my true identity,

transforming alchemy of my disasters…

Connecting in you, everything becomes Light, the true Light that we are in the depths.

You turn me into the beacon of incandescent and infinite Light that I really am!

Your perfect teaching accompanies me wherever I am,

praise your name, Guru!


You are the only reason

for which I give my life without thinking. Here you have it!

I give you all the life that I have,

from the sincerest of my heart,

from where there is no deceit or doubt but absolute certainty.

I belong to you from here and now

to infinity and beyond. You know!

If the followers of the mind listen to me

they will be able to say that I have lost the north and the path…

But the north and the path are You to me!

You are the real, authentic and spiritual value,

open bridge to divinity,

invincible shield, just sword and wise humility,

compassionate help, miraculous healing and expansive creativity.

You are not dream belief,

you are the reality of my existence,

mystical experience of immeasurable joy.

Your mantric name resonates in me

vibrating high, like giant shrine bells,

tearing duality to pieces to be One with the whole,

breaking the spell of illusion to discern and see things simply as they are,

restoring the sublime meaning of life,

giving ourselves to God and living for others, without expecting anything in return.

You are the strength and wisdom within us

that trains our ego to serve humanity,

that trains our mind to dwell in consciousness,

with divine ecstasy, the nectar of true joy.


With you, Guru, how far I see suffering.

With you, Guru, I become stronger in the face of pain.


Only poetry can describe

a mere spark of my Love for you.

Any logical explanation of that Love seems empty,

because the concept tried to invade the Truth,

that certain experience of self-knowledge.

Well you know it, Guru,

in the silence of the mind we are One,

your teachings germinated in my soul.

Great, Guru, Great and Immense you are for me!

Keep supporting me always, Guru,

even though I am nothing or nobody.

I will always owe you

and with reverence I tell you

that it is you, and only you,

who truly dignifies and honors me.

And it is precisely thanks to you

that I continue in the search, endless,

of my true identity…


~ Guru Nater Singh (Barcelona, Spain)


This poem was written by Guru Nater Singh from Barcelona, Spain. It was submitted during the 2022/2023 Sikh Dharma International Poetry Sharing Event on “What Does the Guru Mean to You?” 

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