Estrella del alba (Morning Star): A Poem by Ricardo Javier

Estrella matutina, sol del alba encuentra descanso en los vientos azulados,

 huestes del cielo raso meandros caídos de hojas de esperanza.

Golondrinas embellecen tus aguas,

Pinares reflejan el cielo del océano, Ocultos en tus aguas.

Océanos de fuentes de vida, sol de esperanza, ven a brillar la luz divina de tu ser, que encuentran descanso en el manantial de tu amor

~ Ricardo Javier

English Translation

Morning star, morning sun finds rest in the blue winds,

hosts of the low sky meanders fallen leaves of hope.

Swallows embellish your waters,

Pine groves reflect the ocean sky, Hidden in your waters.

Oceans of sources of life, sun of hope, come shine the divine light of your being, who find rest in the spring of your love.

This poem was written by Ricardo Javier. It was submitted during the 2022/2023 Sikh Dharma International Poetry Sharing Event on “What Does the Guru Mean to You?” 

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