How to Build Your Circumvent Force


The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings® is an incredible treasure of information.  KRI recently shared some previously unpublished teachings on the topic of Circumvent Force

In the early 1970s, Yogi Bhajan spoke about Circumvent Force as another term for the eighth chakra, the aura. In particular, when speaking about Circumvent Force he focused on the qualities of the aura that serve to protect us from negativity and act as the “bridge” between our own finite energetic system and the humongous Universal Energy.

How to Build Your Circumvent Force

“Something has to relate to something higher than the self. That’s all. It is a mental thing. …that projected personality around you – you call it Divine Sheath, astral body, or aura. You have many names you call it, but that is no mystery. It is a protective shield around you that we call Circumvent Force and that is the eighth center of the being. That eighth center is very important and it must be very strong. Your protection does not lay in how many atoms you have, how many accountants look at your books, how many friends you have in the United States, what office you hold, who you are married to, what family you come from, or when you came to this country. Your protection only lays in a very strong Circumvent Force and that can only be built by:

  1. Your mother prays for you. Anyone who has a mother praying for them, they are protected, because mother has a motherhood instinct, and her vibration can be a shield to the child from Infinity to Infinity. That is a very powerful law.
  2. A person of higher consciousness prays for you.
  3. You pray for yourself.

Any of the three will work. Mother, your spiritual guide, and you.”Yogi Bhajan, 9/27/71

“…Your aura depends on what you vibrate…what you talk, create, think that is what we call is a protection shield or circumvent force.”Yogi Bhajan, 9/15/71

“All the prayers, all the mantras we chant, all the good words you speak, all the good thoughts you have, they build up only one thing around you and that is your Circumvent Force. All negativity, all bad thoughts, all bad utterances from you weakens [it]”.Yogi Bhajan, 9/20/71

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