The Power and Effects of the Circumvent Force

yogi bhajan - 1969

The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings® is an incredible treasure of information.  KRI recently shared some previously unpublished teachings on the topic of Circumvent Force

In the early 1970s, Yogi Bhajan spoke about Circumvent Force as another term for the eighth chakra, the aura. In particular, when speaking about Circumvent Force he focused on the qualities of the aura that serve to protect us from negativity and act as the “bridge” between our own finite energetic system and the humongous Universal Energy.

The Power and Effects of the Circumvent Force

“Circumvent Force can be straightened out by concentrating on you as a part of the universe and meditating on the Holy Nam. It can straighten out any pit in your life. It can plug any deficiency…. How will it come to you? It will come to you and those vibrations will change the color of your aura; constant change in the color of aura will change the power of the Circumvent Force, power of the Circumvent Force [is a] protective shield. …It will attract the God consciousness and Mother Nature will serve you. You will have all that you need.” Yogi Bhajan, 9/15/71

“When the man has a Circumvent Force that is very strong, neither he is negative to himself nor he is negative to another person. If it keeps on a certain of level of volume, he becomes a magnetic and attracts all weak points, as the magnet attracts the iron, and all people attach to him. That is the beginning of a teacher.” Yogi Bhajan, 10/15/69

“All we want is that our protective force, Circumvent Force, should be bright and beautiful. Wherever we go, God goes ahead of us. We want to base our life on three very simple lines; Sadhana, Aradhana, Prabhupati. We don’t want to go on any shloka, period. Sadhana, Aradhana, Prabhupati. Sadhana is a procedural way, technical know-how. Aradhana is applying that technical know-how. Result is this- Prabhupati. Prabhu means God, Pati means the master of God” Yogi Bhajan, 6/25/73

“The subconscious mind has the power to block the flow of the energy from the astral body. Huge universal energy exists- 11,000 volts. You are on 110. There is a transformer in between, they call it astral, natural filter, or mystical. They call it line of light or, in science, we call it Circumvent Force around the human existent force.” Yogi Bhajan, 1/9/73

Listen to Yogi Bhajan speaking these words in a lecture from 1973

Photo Courtesy of the Yogi Bhajan Archive (Yogi Bhajan, 1969)

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