Christmas Tree Message (excerpt)

xmas tree

Nanak, if the name of God, the praise of God, dwells in me, if I get that, my mind and my body becomes everlasting green and that is the message of the Christmas tree. In the wilderness of the snow, miles and miles and miles, you don’t see a green thing, except this tree. In the frozen sense of death, which you cut it down anyway, I said once, “Christmas tree told the God, why you named me so, every year they cut me down, they don’t let me grow.”

… So idea of Christmas tree was not to cut it and bring in the house and make it our business, idea was the Christmas tree was grown and always in the front of a home and on that day people used to decorate it and celebrate it, the family put present and sit around and feel the cold and then still feel the life and we used to pay a tribute in a attitude, well that was a hope. It was not meant to be cut down and sold for sixteen dollars and brought into the room and decorated and cookies sold and all that jazz you do and that was never the idea. Things have changed and there is a lot to learn, from where we have started, what we, everything which was meant full or meaningful or purposeful or educating or reminder or telling us has become a ritual, has become meaningless. It has, so the word spoken by us are meaningless but when we speak word and which are meaningless, hypothalamus become meaningless, (?) did get the same signals. That it was I was studying for reading Gurbani, we get all the positive signal for same things we get the negative signals. Our balance sheet is in a deficit. But when we recite mantra, Har, Har Hare, Har Har Wahe Guru, it’s one of the best five words in the world, can change your destiny, change your luck, change your misfortune to fortune. What it’s five words, Har, Har, Wa He Guru, five words, no big deal. If that can do that but if you do other words, also they can do the same. Because tongue does not produce energy, tongue creates a rotation, tongue creates a permutation and combination on the hypothalamus meridian points, on the upper palate.

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