Thanksgiving Lecture – 1971

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Siri Singh Sahib Ji Lecture from November 10, 1971

According to this western land today is a thanksgiving day which is almost a ritual now, it’s a ritual in the sense that we cut down turkey sit together in the family eat and enjoy and feel happy that we are together as a family as being. But if you go back to the history of this day the people who landed on this land went through all those hardships days together which they couldn’t relate to mentally and physically and one fine day they felt they are secure and settled and they kneeled down before their God in consciousness and thanked Him and ate together whatever good or best they could get. That was under those circumstances and privilege, it reminds the law of giving if you have million dollars and you give somebody a hundred dollar what proportion you give out of your money is a point some zero, zero thing. But if you have only ten dollars and you give away ten dollars you givehundred percent. And without giving nobody gets and giving is what?

In this world of ours we like to give many things without knowing what we are giving. Actually everything is already given to us and we are the custodians of those things, but in a misunderstanding we become the owners of those things. I am giving you this thing, how I got it? Why somebody else could not have it? This whole philosophy is there to remind a man that there should be a time in one’s life to give away in consciousness for the supreme consciousness that’s all it is. It is a day of surrender, it is not a day of surrender before somebody, it is a day of surrender in your own consciousness, it’s a great day. We give in today our ego and adapt the path of the supreme Lord Creator in consciousness and we thank Him. And as a family we sit together, eat and pray, worship and pray, be together, enjoy and be happy, it is all prayer, it is total meditation. That is why the day has become a holiday no work today, nothing to earn today because you can’t do two things at the same time, you can’t give and you can’t take at the same time you are not going to do business. So they decided all right this day Americans are after you know bread they don’t care. All right this day no work it will be Thanksgiving Day, we will give thanks. Thanks to whom?

Somebody asked a question to a holy man, he said, “Sir, who is liberated?”

And he answered, “One who lives in thanks all the time to his Creator is a liberated.”

The fifth guru Arjan went through this thing he wrote in Aadi granth a slok,

“Tera pana meeta lagey naam padarath nanak mangey”

Thy will O sweet to me O Lord, all I want is a holy name under any circumstances. Now he said it and when they put him on hot plate and they were putting on a hot sand on him and fire was burning under and it was hundred and eight temperature as far as June month was concerned and Miyamir said, “Lord, I’ll like to know what are you doing?”

He said, “I am proving my own said words. I am proving my own said words that thy will as it is.”

“You have challenged, you said, well you just allow me I’ll just do this that I have got all the powers I am a great man. But you feel I am not.”

He said, “Yes you are, but what is wrong with you?”

I say, “Nothing wrong with me I am proving my own words. That thy will Lord is very sweet to me it is sweeter to me at the hot plate when the sand is coming on me and sun is scorchy I am surrounded by enemies, no hope to even think of a glass of water, they want to kill me that way but still I am saying Sat Nam.”

The will to say Sat Nam on hot plate is a rare situation it’s impossible.

But he said, “Miyamir you are the great Muslim saint, this may lead you to learn one thing when you say something you have to sometime prove it.”

Sometime we vibrate we say things without thinking second minute that we have to prove it, I love you and sometime time demands it to prove it. And then we fail then we become miserable and then we become totally miserable because that kills us all the time. Because love is a sacrifice, experience of sacrifice within oneself. It is better not to say I love you if you are not ready to prove it. Say what you can prove if you start doing it, it will give you vaak siddhi, whatever ye shall say shall become true.

So the sixth master said, “Miyamir I am proving it today, I am sitting on this hot plate and saying SatNam Wahe Guru I am proving to the whole world tera pana meeta lagey.”

Jesus did the same thing, when John took out the sword, he said, “No, violence should not, don’t. Those who are protected by the sword die by the sword, don’t do it, let me go.”

In every religion if you understand that religion it relates to the origin and there is always a beauty that the Creator gave you the prana, gave you the life, gave you the totality then give in His name. Don’t give money because you love the green energy too much, a sweet smile, a word to inspire somebody, a helping hand these are all giving. Nobody is a beggar before you, you are yourself a beggar before the one where one is a beggar. Don’t feel very haughty about things. When you were born which house you had, which house you have today may not have it tomorrow, who knows what is tomorrow world is changing fast? But in the fast changing world the habit to give should not be forgotten.

Today we are going to give our thanks to Almighty that He has brought us together in love and in harmony. Now we are a family everywhere, we feel we are everywhere we walk down in one of the most beautiful rich family. I mean to say rock pillars and others should be just today you know they should be proud of us they should learn from us. With only love we have knitted the whole scene in this country we can walk on anywhere and there are people to say hi, hello welcome how are you brothers, Sat Nam. Can you believe it? And no external means have been used in eternal love. That is why we have sat down today at this place this little humble place to thank to the guru and to the God Creator in consciousness for this beauty which He has given us. For this joy which He has given us, for this strength which He has given us, He has saved us from all the agony of violence and that of obstruction in seeing the clarity in togetherness we are being helped in beauty and in life. And it is beautiful to live beautifully. It is beautiful to live beautifully, it is the highest cleaning to live clean.

Millions live by their emotions very few among millions live by devotion. And our Creator has givenus a chance to create those environments where we can practice that beauty. Hail, hail to that very thought which started all this and today our thanks to all those human beings who have helped to build this way. Everybody under any circumstances whosoever has played the positive part our thanks to him. And hail, hail to the glory of the God that to all thanks to those negative people who had made us strong and who have tested us. They were much better, they tested us and they brought us together because it is only the weight of the earth through years, which makes the carbon-di-oxide to solidify and become a diamond to begin with. If the people would not have tried to slander do weird things on us and test on every step we would not have been so beautiful shining and together as we are today. Let us pay thanks to them they played a very precious role in our life. To be what we are to be that is a way to thank them, enemies are always a beautiful trailer than that of the friends because they keep us always on alert.

Love thy enemy and be on the alert. And that is the best way to thank the Creator to create such a beautiful world He has created, it’s such a joyous bliss. One who tells you, you are ugly he ensures you, you become beautiful next morning. But one who tells you, you are a beautiful may have a ill designed. So you can’t trust. One who has more enemies he is always upright and right on, he is a strong guy. Sometime when we have more friends we relax and go lazy. The more great beauty as a family as 3HO, healthy, happy, and holy the very mockery first they start, hey who can make people healthy, happy, and holy? All right, here we are, we have not left our humility, we have not left our power to give, we are giving each other the energy each day and it’s a great consciousness and we have found out a way to be happy and we are grateful, we give our thanks to Almighty for that wisdom, that let us live for each other. The path we have chosen to live for each other who has no mischief, who doesn’t do errors, is there anyone free of errors? None. Errorless is only one I know Him, for convenience we call Him God. Everyone does error, there is only one who is beyond error and that unknown is known to us because He is errorless.

Why should we care for Him, let Him not do any error and be as here. And let us all care for Him that He provided us to have compassion to look to our errors and not to others. This is a day of givingthanks that after third year He has given me the privilege to come to the Guru Ram Das ashram togive thanks. Every year I was out. Perhaps His will was that before we move from this premises I must thank Guru Ram Das for providing us this little place where we have grown in mental, physical and spiritual strength and make us enable now to expand yonder than these limits of the walls, yonder than the limits and yonder to the yonder which is unknown but still beautiful and still known to all of us, we feel in through every parna, every breath, every twinkle of our eye which sees the beauty on this planet in which we live and survive.

Get up, close our these outer eyes, go into the very inner self of ours, just for one moment and givethanks to those who have prevailed the peace on this planet, who love to be peaceful, who create peaceful environments for others and who have even offered given their life for the sake of peace without any comment and understanding what they did. But the very thought, the thought, the thought was peaceful, let us be kind in our own self, in our own deep self to go into our deeper inner self and may feel love and we may give thanks for one factual fact that we have got the privilege to be together on this thanksgiving to give thanks whom we cannot thank.

Today we are doing a very great job we are thanking the one whom we cannot thank, it is a very huge process, but try to concentrate. He knows, He listens, He is groovy. In His greatness we thank Him for this privilege today, for this beauty today, for this ecstasy today that this little beautiful family of the seekers who are trying to travel on the path of truth unto the horizons of that Infinity and all the saints and sages men of God who loved God and whom God loved. We pray to their holy vibrations in the name of Guru Ram Das whose house that belongs to all the great eleven gurus one who is prevailing at the time and the ten who led the lesson for us and to the great Aad shakti the Creator divine instrument of this whole beautiful universe. And to the Lord of Lords the Lord Himself known and unknown, in person and non person who is sargun and nirgun to the heart of the beloved He is known as the lover and he is unknown to the egocentric. Though His mystery is unknown still it is known that He is everywhere.

Our thanks to every such environments where man is supposed to grow in peace and harmony in love and in tranquility. Our thanks to all that what is graceful around us and also our thanks to all that what forces us to become graceful. Our thanks to that negativity which has made us positive, our thanks to that power to overtake us, which has given the power to love to sustain ourself. Our thanks to all those natural calamities which has given us the joy and beauty that we have crossed them. Our thanks to all those sicknesses and weaknesses and laziness which has given the power to triumph over it and give the survival to chant the holy naam, our thanks to all those enemies who made us strong that we love to live and our thanks to the Almighty Creator who has created us to go through all this experience in the name of that holy name which prevails through everybody. That cosmic power which is the instrument of our life and our dignity, that Adi shakti of which we all are part in one brotherhood as pure beings, to that height in consciousness that is which holds this world. We pray in thy consciousness O consciousness of all consciousness to be with us and bring love and tranquility, peace to every heart.

Sat Nam.

Students: Sat Nam.

YB: Right here everybody should meditate and bless the food which is outside. O Creator of this creation, the cosmos, O universe of the universe and yonder than the universe known and unknown to us, O guru of the guru O guru of the truth, that light thy sound which created this universe has created this day and the environments that we have got this state to be together. Convert this food as an offering to thee, into that energy of love and happiness that we may remain in the chardee kala into the highest tone of our energy to fulfill, to chant thy name and praise thy Lordship so that we may bring peace, joy, happiness and bliss to this planet through thy grace.

Sat Nam.

Student: Sat Nam.

YB: Jerry why not to sing to the guru the song, Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru

The class sings: Guru, Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru

YB: We do not know what we can do today more than this, we have got a project we undertook that is that we are changing…

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