Create Inner Peace

“Make your own altar and at that altar, humble yourself and bring yourself to zero in peace, in tranquility and in emotions.” – Yogi Bhajan

Sitting before our altar, our place of reflection and focus, we have the opportunity to sit quietly and breathe. Yet, when we rise from our altar and go forth about our day, we also have an altar within our own body temple, and that is the altar where the mind continues to worship, according to our thoughts. Our thinking patterns are based on the words we speak. If we speak the word of God, our thinking patterns will be divine and we will radiate peace and light. To create peace on this earth, we have to begin within ourselves, and together we shall build peace in our families, peace in our communities, peace in our nation, and peace in the world. The Siri Singh Sahib created Peace Prayer Day to honor that ancient, sacred tradition of the Indigenous People, in which they came together to pray for inner healing peace and healing peace in our world. We carry on that tradition around the world, coming together each year to send out our collective prayer on a beam of light and truth, projecting the peace in our hearts and minds in healing unison around the world.

The Siri Singh Sahib taught us that our nerves create the patterns of our brain functions, according to the movements of the tongue. When we recite Gurubani, the tip of the tongue strikes the upper pallet it affects the central nerve channel, the Shushumna. The Shushumna controls the entire psyche. In Kundalini Yoga, the two most important places in the body are the hypothalamus and the upper palate, which is the base of the hypothalamus. Reciting Gurubani, we constantly receive benefits as the tongue strikes upper pallet, strengthening our capacity to remain calm, in our peaceful center, even in the midst of the storm around us or the greatest tests and challenges.

One example is when we chant Ik Ong Kaar. Instead of saying OM, the Absolute Creator (God), we vibrate ONG, the manifestation of the Creator in the creation. By dropping the sound current “mm,” and substituting “nngg” we create OONNGG, and by virtue of the resultant contact of the tongue with the upper palate, we experience a direct reflex and noticeably greater stimulation of the pineal-pituitary reflex zone, thereby assisting deep brain function, cranial-nervous system resonance, and the subsequent experience of peace, with expansion of awareness.

“Amid the swirling, confusing, unfocused energies of the modern world, there is a light, a calm and a healing in the center of all things.” -Yogi Bhajan

“Peace to all, love to all, and light to all.”   Sat Nam.

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