Dasmesh Gurmat Camp


Written by Parminder Kaur of Indianapolis, Indiana

 An experience was what we were promised. And an experience is what we got! Dasmesh Gurmat Camp of Indianapolis Spring 2013 is what I’m talking about. Gurujot Singh (SikhNet), Gian Dharam Kaur (SDI) and Hari Simran Singh (SDI), the dynamic team that facilitated and managed over 100 children, not to mention many curious adults, with such expertise left the sangat in awe. The team offered the community a new sense of excitement and pride to be part of Sikhism, in a highly unique way. Our children, our sangat, our committee were overwhelmed and inspired by this teams’ approach, leadership skills and extensive knowledge.
I really liked the Spring Camp because it was very fun and nothing like the other camps I have been to. In normal camps we just sit and listen to lectures for like 3 hours, but in this camp we had lot of activities and shorter lectures. My favorite activity was the Satnam Waheguru which is when you clap and point to someone. I also liked gatka when we did wars because it gave us a little experience of our own!!!
-Kimran Kaur, age 10

I would like to say a special thanks to Guruka Singh and Gurumstuk Singh, who were my initial contacts, for sending us these remarkable young people to carry on Guru Ji’s mission of spreading the word.

The countdown has begun to the day that we once again are blessed with your sangat. We will host another camp this summer!  There is a reason that Waheguru chose our paths to cross. I believe that this is the start of not just a beautiful relationship but much, much, more…Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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