Deathlessness II (Lecture)


A Lecture by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on April 6, 1988 in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.

We are going to touch a subject of Akaal Takhat, the throne of the deathless. Today I like to go into the deeper aspects of it. The soul has no death, it’s a part of God and God is a part of it. There are two definite situations in which you relate to soul or you don’t relate to soul.  It’s called self-related soul and self-denied soul. This we talk of freewill; that’s what freewill is. Freewill is whether we like to relate to the soul as total sum of God in us or we don’t. As much you try to find God outside that much you do not relate to your soul. In your heart you should have the security you are alive.  You are alive because you have a soul. In your head you should have word of the Guru, so that your heart may not forget that you have the soul.

There are two consequences of one sequence; two consequences of one sequence is that we have earned the soul and we have earned this human body over and above the angels and far beyond the demons. The negative and positive force of the God has given us the most bountiful and beautiful neutral body of the human, in which the purpose is not to lose or to gain, the purpose is to experience God in the finite, to experience the infinite, that is deathlessness.

Now you understand that this Jesus Christ, about thirty one year old carpent kid, carpenter, no big deal, on this Friday he walked through those cities, I mean, what they did, welcome him, they put some palm trees, palm leaves on the ground so that just, it is a kind of welcome and when they order his death, they said, “Well, you walk on water, you fly in the air, number one; number two they call as king of what? You call yourself the king of the Jews, you are king of what?” That’s why they nailed him to the cross, normally they tie a person to the cross, they nailed him to the cross to make it more painful and they put a throne(thorn) crown, thorn crown they call it, to make him feel you are nobody. It is said that he was crucified, the fact is he was not crucified, they brought him down in a day and a half. Normally you need on the cross three days to die, so he was brought in, he was taken to the grave and the ladies were very good around him and they watched and they took him out and finally you see historically proven and research wise it is true that there is a graveyard in Cashmere of Jesus Christ and they say he lived over hundred years in that valley and Cashmere comes on the silk route so everybody who enters Srinagar and leaves Srinagar of rest or anybody has to register himself. So Jessu registered himself.

You call him Jesus that’s not his name, even you don’t know his name. He entered Cashmere with a band of disciples but what I am trying to tell you whether he died on the cross or he died in Cashmere, I am not discussing that, whether he lived thirty-two years or lived in one hundred and two years. I am not worried about that but he is not dead. He has more property, more homes and does not pay income tax even today. Such a deathless guy, nobody can kill him, nobody can steal of him, nobody can slander him, all you have to say good things. Now tell me honestly, had any newspaper done any research or anybody has published anything how many times he used to take bath, how many times he used to go to bathroom, whether he had ever a malaria fever or anything else? No.

Those physical little gross things which the body goes or went through in his case, nobody cares. All they care is what he said. What he spoke and what everybody believed.

So basically the life is timeless and space less, that is they say there is a record in the world, that is our Sehenskars and then there is a record of the world that is our Karma and there is record called the akashic records, the heavenly records. Heavens and underworld and this earth, there are three stages because we say up, you have to say down, you have to say middle, there is no way out but then what is deathlessness. Deathlessness is the experience within you, that of the experience which you can relate and that what you can relate is a relevant uplifting infinite truth to the finite; that is deathlessness, that is Akaal. Everything shall die, including you. Death is inevitable but death cannot come to the word. That’s why John said in the beginning there was a word and word was with God and word was God, that’s what Guru Nanak said,

Aad sach, Jugad sach, Hai bhee sach,

Nanak hosee bhee sach.

In, before the time you were true, within the time you are true, now you are true, every you shall be true.

So what is that truth? Because truth is a relevant term; my truth, your truth… My God, your God, our God, by God, they don’t know what God is.

There are two types of truth-gospel truth and gossip truth. Gossip truth is what you have heard and you want to believe or you believe and you want to hear, it’s called gossip truth. Gospel truth is you don’t want to hear but once you hear you don’t want to believe. But you know somewhere in yourself that without that you are nobody. You are somebody but without that you are nobody and with that you are everybody. Gospel truth is with that you are everybody. You are somebody, without that you are nobody and with that you are everybody. Death comes to body, not to theSat; it comes to the Nam identity, it doesn’t come to the Sat, Satya, the energy of God.

I remember once India, a man of about eighty year old but he used to look to me about fifty maximum, very healthy, extremely well; tracked me down. He went to so many things and went to… One day I had come, I had just took off the clothes and I was just lying down and resting and my orderly announced, “A very old man, very wise man and very holy man has come.”

I said, “Give me a time, I like to get ready to receive him,” because he is a holy man and it is obligatory that when a man of God comes you treat him like God. So I went in, took a big cotton shawl around me and I went to receive him. Then I was told that about five hundred of his disciples have come with him and he has left them in the ground and he has walked alone. I said, “Man who travels with about five hundred disciples must be somebody.” Within that time and space I found him right on me, I received him. I received him well. I recognized him, he was a man of God, practicing man of God; very pleasant, very pleasureful, very creative. I got up in a tension and I said, “What is that in the world which has brought you here?” And he looked at me and he said, “My intuition.”

Now when somebody says he has come there by intuition, not by invitation and not by anything else, what you can say? Now it is a matter to discuss. I said, “Then, please you are welcome.” Second question was, “What I can do for you?”

He said, “You are the only one who can do for me,” and I looked at myself, I said, “I am not yet forty, he is eighty or above; five hundred men have come with him, he has come alone barefooted, he tells me that I can do for him what nobody else can do and he is telling me that he has come to see me by intuition,” and I said to him, I said, “Look, I am just like a son to you, you know I am too young, you have all the reverence, all the people, all everything, the whole world bow to you. Hundred thousand people in the morning get up and meditate on you. How can I be any help to you?”

He said, “Can we talk?”

I felt stupid, I said, “Now ya ya, sure, sure, I mean to say, I am sorry, I am just curiously surprised that…”

He said, “Can we have a room somewhere we can sit in private, then I can talk to you?”

Sure; so I took him into my study room, he kept standing, I said, “Please sit down.”

He said, “No, first you sit down.”

Now for me, it was a shocking experience. I knew the man and I don’t think with all the power you can even see him. It will take days, his status, his office, his whole thing was much, much and I couldn’t understand. So I sat down, what should I do. I sat down, he sat down and I said, “Yes please.”

He said, “No, no, no, my name is such and such, call me by name.”

It was extremely difficult. I am telling you the experiences; then I looked at myself, I said, “My God, either I am going to learn something or something is going to happen today.1 I said, “All right, I am very pleased that I could be of any help to you please let me what I can do.”

He said, “Margdarshan dikhao; show me the path.”

That was it. I didn’t faint because I was Virgo but that did it, to this man I show the path? I said, “Let me tell you very honestly, people call me yogi baba but I am just, you know, street yogi, I am not that kind of,” and I said, :I am a rebel, I am just not something which you might be looking for.”

He said, “No, no, no, no, I know, I know.”

He said, “I saw you, I have meditated on it and I have found you, it has taken me over a month and a half; first I could see only your face and locality, then I had to verify, then I found out that you not look like a Sadhu, you are a officer and one thing led to the other and everything got verified and I have come to ask you to show me the Marag, darshan marg, darshan means show. Make me have audience with the path to God.”

I said, “How can I do it, I can’t. I am trying myself.”

He said, “Oh, because you’re a Sikh. they are very humble, you don’t have to.” I mean he said, “Who make road do not have to travel on it.”

And from a seriousness and from voice of command I understood that he means business, there was no way out.

He said, “What is here to God, what is God to here?”

I said, “Nothing.”

“What is then ungodliness?”

I said, “Forgetfulness.”

“What is God?”

I said, “Remembrance.”

“So you know.”

I said, “But everybody knows.”

He said, “No, even I don’t know that.”

I said, “What do you mean you don’t know this thing?”

He said, “That’s the problem. How to get rid of forgetfulness, that is my question.”

I said, “The only way to get rid of forgetfulness is to understand the root cause. In higher mathematics you do the roots, roots this…”

Those who do higher mathematics understand how to take the root and it’s a higher mathematics, it’s not ordinary people can do it and I said, “Take the root of the existence to the square of its productivity and take the projection of the its productivity to the triangle of the factualness of self.”

“Is that,” he said, “That’s real but you have to go further.”

I said, “When you take the roots square, then self should be lost by multiplying it with zero and in the infinity of that zero, then all exists and you watch and that is deathlessness.”

When everybody exists as it is, as it is and you watch, you don’t participate, you don’t own, you don’t react, say those three things.

Students repeat: (—-)

YB: But you, look at the root of it and root of everything is God.

When you talk to somebody, don’t get lost in the talk, just remember God is talking through you. Let yourself never talk, let yourself be used by God to talk, then see how the talk be different. Don’t be beautiful and get lost in your beauty. Feel that you are beautiful and you are beautifying yourself to be divine.

There are three words my friend which you should learn. Dharam, Karam, Parm. Param means doubt, Dharam means habitual righteousness and Karam actions and reactions. A person who shall rise to the Dharm, habitual righteousness for which there is not a reason, not a logic… You know in eighteen years I have shown I have a tolerance. Now some people call me coward, some people call me, he is a shaky, he doesn’t take action. Some people call me, it’s too much.

That day in a very discussion, very serious discussion I was told, I have to draw the line. I said draw the line on water, what it means? Draw the line means to confine and define God. To draw the line means to define the infinity, infinity cannot be defined. The fact of the fit is, what fits into the definition is not infinity and now these people who love me, ask me to define. Define what? Infinite is creating you, infinity is changing ten trillion cells of you within seventy two hours. Infinite is working for you, infinite is rotating the earth to give you, though you don’t want to sleep at night but He creates it. You don’t want to get up in the morning, he creates it.

Somebody told me, “I don’t feel fresh.”

I said, “You can’t.”

“Why not?”

I said, “You don’t get up at the fresh hours of the morning, Amrit Vela, nectral hours. You sleep through the nectaral hours and you want to remain the whole day fresh, impossible.”

So this man started asking me and I was simply answering him. Finally, he asked me one question, he said, “I need my salvation, I agree millions people love me, worship me, adore me, everything but within me I have a pain, I have a fear. Now that fear has reached the stage of phobia. I know I am not going to make it, then I meditated, I prayed, I asked God and I saw your face.”

I said, “What a hassle; instead of asking God to show my face, you should have asked God to show His face, matter would have ended. You are on my back, I don’t think that you are doing right things, I don’t know.”

He said, “What should I have done? I wanted a solution.”

I said, “There is no solution, why to ask solution?” I said, “What will happen if you will merge in God?”

He said, “I will be peaceful.”

I said, “Look, Maharishi Devang Dev, Sat Putra, the divine of all rishi, the master of all infinity, the meditator of all meditations, rishi Dusht Daman, when totally was merged in God and emerged in, become one, God told him to go and get born in Guru Gobind Singh.” I said, “Rishi Dusht Daman which took millions and millions and millions of years to experience God, the infinity in the finite when become one, God gave him a job because every good son get the impossible job, every possible son gets impossible job and God told him, “Go back to the earth, get born to these two holy people, Guru Teg Bahadur and his wife and you become Gobind Singh from Gobind Rai, do it yourself.” Look at the assignment and then elevate people into Godliness. As you have taken three and a half million years to merge in me go and make it happen that people can merge in me or can remain merged in me. They can remain believers and experienced practitioners of infinity in the finite and that’s why Guru Gobind Singh created Khalsa, not that he was commissioned that he will get ten percent out of every Khalsa he baptized.

That was not the area or idea.

What a soul took three and a half million year to meditate, to worship, to perfect itself, to merge in God and he explained his own words that he didn’t want to come to the earth. I wanted to be in God but God said, the best you can do for me is to go back. In his own language he says, Ram came, he made worship Ram, Krishn came me made people worship Krishn, he said Easa came, he made people worship Easa. He said, everybody came they made become worship them self, they forgot God send them to worship God and to connect people in experience of Godliness. God is good, wrong; be good as God, right. Dharma is that you should be good as God, don’t try please, don’t try to search God, don’t try meditate on God, don’t try follow God, leave Him alone, He is everywhere and you are nowhere, you know, leave Him alone, give Him rest. God knows what you are doing, you do not know what He is doing because you do not know what you are doing. How can you know what God is doing? So leave it alone and do one simple thing; just feel God in him.

Somebody was asking me today, “I want to be enlightened.”

I said, “The easiest thing you have asked.”

He said, “Ji, no, no, no, I did this, did this, I went to India, I went to Spain, I went Germany, I went to Africa, I have studied this, I have studied that,” after forty five minutes I said, “You are just lecturing a wrong person; you want to be enlightened.”

He said, “Well, that’s true.”

I said, “I can enlighten you on telephone, you don’t have to see me, you don’t have to seek appointment, somehow you got my number it is fine, now let’s talk.”

He said, “How I can be enlightened?”

I said, “Feel your bones like neon lights, lit inside and concentrate that outside the entire world is nothing but a bright light that you can see nothing, hear nothing and feel nothing and out of nothingness inside light and outside light will merge and you will be enlightened.”

He said, “The way you say it looks so easy but it is very difficult.”

I said, “No, it is just touching the switch and putting it on, that’s all it is, just doing it.”

He said, “Right now?”

I said, “Yeah, lie down,” telephone was on his ear, I said, “Lie down, close your eyes, get away from the earth, feel every bone of yours and see the whole skeleton of your is lit like neon lights, feel it, feel it, believe it and then be it, you will be enlightened.”

Simple thing to do; feel God is talking from you, you know what you feel, you are talking. You know how important you feel, if you won’t talk heaven will go to hell, that’s not true. Nothing will go anywhere, matter can change into energy and energy can take you matter, beyond that nothing can happen.


Deathlessness lies in your own infinity. Whenever you can cross the boundaries and remove the boundaries and rise above the boundaries and feel that within the skin and within yourself that ten trillion cells are nothing but dancing God, a happy God. You know each cell has three things to it–neutron, electron and positive, negative and neutral and you have ten trillion cells. These are the dancing Gods in you and the system of reality is that you have to relate to it. That’s why Guru Nanak gave you the system of deathlessness. Guru Gobind Singh personified it and of that deathlessness is the Akaal Takhat, the throne of the deathlessness, to which we relate, which we worship, which we bow to, which we remember. This is the time when the Akaal Takhat took up on itself the martyrdom that you can be awakened. As that old Sadhu came to me to be awakened. I didn’t started chanting Sanskrit to him, I didn’t started chanting Sutras to him, my innocent word of experience did the job because whenever you find things outside than you then inside becomes empty, hollow and shallow but when you find things inside you, then believe them, believe them firmly, love is a firm belief, otherwise it is a prostitution. Love is a firm belief.

‘Kasam visare thay kumjaat.’

The soul which forgets the master is a prostitute. Kumjat, lower grade, shallow. Kasam visarey-ignores the master; exactly this is what we are; we go after low grade life, we go about unproductive life, we go for something which doesn’t matter. You know, catch twenty-two; catch twenty-two is, when you feel infinite, then infinity serves you, when you feel finite, finite bothers you, it chokes you, it makes you miserable, it puts you in a cage, it keeps you in a bondage, there is no freedom and people want to be so sure that everything finite they have got, that is it. Actually, that doesn’t serve the purpose. That’s why, the deathless is a guaranty to all living who shall die but some shall die and live forever, some shall die as they have lived never, repeat it.

Students: Some shall die and live forever, some shall die as they have lived never.

YB Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.

(class sings)

Student reads:-

(?)The famous Lord is himself is related himself and absolutes he is in (?) the famous Lord is himself is related himself and absolute he is in (?) Nanak his own creation he will gain very taste on him self (?) when this world had not appeared in any form when by whom bad axe and good ones committed when was him self in prashant concentration against whom then were enmity and joules sorbet when no color or lined of this man was seen say who then was affected by joy and sorrow when the supreme Lord is all hid out then were was the worldly love and who has supposition when the supreme Lord himself was all in all then were was worldly love and who has supposition Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh

(class sings)

YB: I will like to request you on this Akaal Takhat day we must understand something. This is the day to ensure prosperity, that’s why I request you to bring things. There are two ways of elevation-Sangat and Pungat; you participate in Sangat, you come personally, you listen to the hymns of the Guru, you sing or you listen to the song but Pungat, you take the Lungar, you sit together but participation is to prepare the Lungar but you participate also through things, that’s why all the things you bring today shall go and be used towards Lungar. That’s a very old fool proof system, guarantied system of prosperity. Some people have questioned, “well, we come and what is the guaranty that we will be prosperous?”

Life is a loss and gain; if losses are cut down to the minimum, gains are extended to the maximum, things can comfortable. Therefore, please remember on the sixth of every month in the evening we have this Gurdwara in honor of the martyrdom of the infinite throne of immortality. It is the throne of where deathlessness exists. therefore, it is not only enough that you come but make it a point to bring others who forget about it. We forget we are part of God, we forget what is priority in our life, we forget what love is. If we forget not things and just learn the definitions and define our self into those definition, we are infinity. We are the light. So whenever month changes and third, fourth, hits here, start calling friends. A prosperous friend is very good, if you visit him you will get a good breakfast, if friend is poor you walk to him, he would like to see where your purse is. So prosperity is not a bad thing and for coming for the day to ensure prosperity is a virtuous thing and it will be further virtuous if you bring those who have forgotten to enhance their prosperity. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh. To live poor is a curse, so get rid of that.

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