What is a Spiritual Teacher?


Excerpts from Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan Lecture on September 12, 1978 in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Spiritual teacher is one person who cannot exploit. You know why? If he exploits then he cannot teach. There is a definite contrast because his ego or his stamina or his patience lies in creating a strong teacher of the future. It is just hatching process. Spiritual teacher is the one who hatches the other unhatched person to maturity. And where the process is to make another person mature and progressively mature, exploitation cannot take place.

That is why you will find the difference between a teacher and a friend is; teacher is always rude, crude and brute.  These are three qualities remember that. He is rude, he is crude, he is brute. Why? Because he has to eat your ego; nothing else. And when he puts his claw and his teeth to kill you, he doesn’t kill you physically, but your ego finds no place and you cry in pain. What holds you? Your progressive desire to go up, because you are walking towards the white light and his progressively either you go and go, go die or be what you ought to be, not what you are. There is a fight between life and death.  A teacher will not let you become standstill, because he knows moment you become standstill, you will stink and you will die. That’s why there are real spiritual teachers.  There are teachers who can get all your money and teach you nothing.

Spiritual teacher is a progressive killer of your Id somehow he will get your Id because he lives on your ego; he must eat to live. He is a monster.  He is ego monster, he must eat your ego and more he eats your ego, more you progress; less he eats your ego, less you progress. And it’s a universal law.

Otherwise a teacher will cater to you, he will love you, he will tell you, he will talk to you, because he cannot push you to white light, so he must compromise with you. But spiritual teacher is the one who shall not. When you become crude he becomes brute, when you become arrogant, he becomes totally sharp and absolutely bitter….

….Why when you come to this class you hear all this? You might be knowing more than what I talk to you, why? What makes you to do that? Because electro-magnetically your vibratory effect expands into your own aura into the extension of your aura and that is where you get a sophisticated feeling of higher consciousness. There is nothing more when anybody comes nearer or thinks or passes.

Imagine at anytime when you are crudely, brutally terribly, awfully thinking about is, just think about your spiritual teacher and just think what he is going and doing at that time. Your entire miserable state of mind will be totally eliminated.  You try it. And it’s not true whether he is alive or dead, just think the very one thought of it.  Teacher has a thought and that thought start teaching right away into spiritual positivity more than you can think of it.

Thousands of years of totally, absolutely investigative work in human nature and human consciousness by the Bharatiya Sanskriti, the Indian philosophers and saints and sages have left a tremendous amount of spiritual knowledge for all of us. They were very not very discriminating that you know that the west cannot learn it, the east cannot learn it, the south cannot learn it, the north learn it. Learning is for the learned and learned becomes only one who goes into the learning deep enough to experience. Otherwise, when you are hung up with a knowledge for which you cannot support it by experience you are actually asking for a trouble. That is why people do not like intellectual raps….

….Take the advice of your teacher who can give you the formula, technology of life. Why? Because life is a science itself.  Life is a lie, if not learned the lesson of truth. It’s a lie, if not learned the essence of truth and essence of truth does not come without discipline and discipline does not come without the technology of discipline, and technology of discipline does not come without the teacher. and teacher does not come without asking, and asking doesn’t happen without prayer, and prayer doesn’t happen without the will of God, and will of God doesn’t happen because the God is there or not, so long you are alive the will of God is there, therefore it can happen. That’s why I say, even you are not dead, you have a hope. Because in the sequence, it is true in life that every individual, so born out of the womb of a woman shall have a chance to meet teacher.  Whether he recognizes or not, that it is his tragedy.

You shall meet a spiritual teacher, that’s the law of white light. When life was granted to you, this was granted with it.  You ignore it or you make it.

There was a person who once decided all right I am not going to die, I have to meet the spiritual teacher before I die I will never see any person. So he did a wonderful thing he ordered that a beautiful hut on the top of a mountain be maintained and nobody can go, no passage be left with. And he started living there; arrangements were that he send a doli with a rope and all the requirements will go, far out arrangement was perfect. He said, “Neither I will meet a teacher nor I will have the privilege to meet, neither I have a chance to meet nor I have chance to die, I’ll foolproofly prove that God has a bad thing.

All right, one day during the day he was feeling that day and immediately to his consciousness there came a great vision in a perfect image of a person. He said, “Who you are?”

He said, “I am the vision of Infinity, I am the spiritual teacher,”

“What are you doing here, how you could come here?”

He said, “I don’t need a space, I don’t need a time.”

He said, “What I should do?”

He said, “Get out of this hut and serve the mankind and if by tomorrow you don’t start you will die anyway.”

Next morning people saw him with that rope instead of sending the doli down, he sat down in it, and came down. Everybody asked him what is wrong with you, why didn’t you stick yourself up there?”

He said, “No, no, no I met the spiritual teacher.”

He said, “How he can go there?”

He said, “Well he appears, man.”

Since then it is said when you are ready the teacher will appear. That is how that story goes.

Teacher appears.  Teacher doesn’t appear anywhere else; he appears in your consciousness; and to change the flow of the thought form from negative black hole to positive hole, think of the teacher.All switches will change because it will change the flow of the circuit, that’s the law, it’s a law of creative nature of the magnetic field on which your rational and irrational flow of life depends.

And it is not a thing of miracle, it’s a thing of change of circuit, electricity to produce electricity you have to generator, you have to have huge wire and all that, but whole electricity is useless without switch. And switch doesn’t cost more than two dollars. But once this switch is off or fuse is off, you are off. Whole magnetism, whole productivity, whole system, whole flow is there but you are not there.

When your fuse is off, a spiritual teacher will act as a mechanic.

And when your circuit is off he will work as a switch to change the interrelated proportion of the flow of the magnetic field into the reality of the possibility of the positive flow of the white light. That is a system. And this system is known effectively worked out system. And that’s why when we need protection and we have tested it so many times, not that what we are and what we ought to be but what in caliber we want to think to be and what in reality we want to think to be.

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