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Develop your Cross-Reference: Excerpted from a lecture given by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan. Full lecture published in Success and the Spirit: An Aquarian Path to Abundance.  

Today we are going to educate ourselves about “cross-reference.” Do you know what cross-reference is? Two things you always know: you always know what is right and you always know why you are not doing what is right. When you know what is right and when you know that you cannot do what is right, at that time, if you have a cross-reference, you can hold yourself together. It is a temporary holding of the energy.

If we have not developed the cross-reference in ourselves, we will do wrong — knowingly and precisely. And we will pray that we can escape and not get caught. Mothers do it. Fathers do it. Doctors do it. Attorneys do it. Chief Executive Officers do it. This is a human failure.

In our personality, there is a very powerful computer. It’s called consciousness. It’s feeble. It’s humble. It has a little voice. 

Ninety percent of all our pain is because we have no cross-reference. There is nothing in us that we can look at as an experience of what is me and my soul, of what gives me the experience of Infinity.

All I know is that this is planet earth. This is my home. This is my girl. This is my boy. This is my money. All I know is what is opaque. There is no gem quality. There is no cross-reference to see through like crystal. A crystal is the most powerful thing . . . And what is the crystal in you? The cross-reference.

Technologically, you have all the options of knowledge. If you say you don’t have knowledge, you are lying to yourself.

Beej mantar sarab ko gi-aan. 

– Guru Arjan Dev ji, Siri Guru Granth Sahib (p. 274)

The gold in you is your cross-reference, your capacity, your density, your beauty, your joy . . . Some men have defied the law of nature because their nature has become the law. That is one who practices cross-reference. And that is your strength . . .

Whenever you cannot face the reality of life, you switch gears. Either you get into your elementary nature and you get totally depressed; or you get into your professional identity, and become a total egomaniac; or you get into your fantasies and totally space out because you are three people. You are never one you are a trinity. And if you don’t have the cross-reference, and you don’t have the capacity to have a cross fire to smooth yourself out of of trouble, you will not make sense . . .

First, become a teacher to yourself. Then the soul shall leave and be redeemed, in peace and tranquility and at one with God. If all of you become your own teacher, prosperity will be there. Good things will come to you. Good ideas will come to you because it’s all in the magnetic framework of existence.

All wisdom is within you. All knowledge is within you. All strength is within you. There is nothing you can get from outside. It simply has to be triggered.

Human vitality is unlimited. It’s infinite. Atman o paro purusham Paramatma naso satya. Atma (soul) is just like that real God and it is true. You always use the power of your head and the power of your heart. Sometime, use the power of your soul. See what that can do.

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