Excerpt from January 29, 1995 Gurdwara Lecture


by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

Excerpt from Gurdwara Lecture on January 29, 1995 in Los Angeles, CA

… ‘Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.’

As we are all set in a mood to go to India and we shall understand it truly that our slogan is, “let us go and clean the Prakarma to clean our Karma”. We are not part of the politics and the negativity or the positive approach.  We are going there just to clean our faith, clear our consciousness and carry on our mission.

‘Ek Pita Ekas Ke Hum Barg, Tu Mera Guru Hayi.’

That is the teaching.  There is a one father.  We are all His children and that Guru is the guide and guidance for all of us. It is the quality that will matter, not the quantity.

It is not that we cannot stay in five-star hotel and live wherever we want.  We are very rich; that we know; there is no need of showing it. We shall wash Prakarma and we shall clean Prakarma.  We shall be with Guru. It’s our way. It’s our way to explain our love. It is the way.

‘Karmee Apo Apnee Ke Nerai Ke Dhoor.’

‘Your action will decide whether you are near to God or you are away from God.’

Your action will decide whether you are near to the Guru or away from the Guru. Faith moves the mountain otherwise stones are heavy.

As we are Sikhs, we have a daily work. Sikh has a quantum psychology of neurological progression and success. That is what the Sikh Dharma is about. Sikh Dharma is to understand, develop the basic scientific Sikh head; because we gave, we have to give our head to the Guru.  We have to offer this to the Guru, so it should be worthy of it.  It should be well good so that we can offer. You don’t offer something to the Guru which is not good.  So the brain works with the neurons and neurological progression of your head should be cleared every day.

That’s why we have to rise in the ambrosial hour and do what we have to do.  But basically there are very simple things to do that each day your day should be better than yesterday. Each day, your day should be better than yesterday because yesterday you are successfully let go and today is Guru’s day and tomorrow is the day of your offering.

Each day your relationship should be brighter than yesterday, because that is the way you serve and that’s the way you prevail and that’s the way you let Guru’s words be understood by everybody; by your presence. If your presence doesn’t work, then all the world around you will never work. And each day you should be more beautiful than yesterday.  Because “Har Jan Har Do Ek” – you and Guru and God is just one; that’s what Ek Ong Kar means.

In this classical situation Guru Gobind Singh gave us the body of the Khalsa. A well crowned self-imperial personality which has no duality; that’s the body of the Sikh. A Sikh not only he not faces the calamity, he loves it. Challenge and calamity and misery and torture and all that was tried at Sikhs as a nation from last five hundred twenty-five over years and this is one place where humanity has stood, walked tall and proven that nothing works negative, because we are so positive and enriched by Guru’s words.

Our happiness is in our ecstasy. That is Sikh formula of life; that I am expanded enough, I am wide enough, I am great enough, that I shall never let down my Guru. Sikh does not live for himself.  Himself is not a great requirement. Few things can make any person survive. Sikh is not escapist.  He doesn’t want to go up to the mountain and be there and take care of his food and hide in the caves.  That’s not a Sikh. Sikh lives a life full and very gracious, very dominantly shining, very imperial, very effective, because this is what is all about. Because every breath of life, Sikh does not represent himself, he represents the Guru.

The beauty of having a Shabad Guru is that Shabad is in the heart of the Sikh and his head is carrying the pride of the fact that he represents the Guru. To anybody, to everybody his smile, his love, his words, his service, his attitude, is guarantee of this fact that he belongs to the great Guru. This logic and psychology of reasons and neurosis, that is a poor man’s job.

If it is true that wealth is great, let’s presume your theory, then let me know why a man with a loincloth or man who is naked is being worshipped by the whole world and everybody goes there to bow to him? He is naked physically, but spiritually that person is enriched, his radiance is great. Sikh on the other hand, does this as a service; comes down to the world; comes down to the living world and lives the life of a householder in utmost grace; in utmost dignity. Sikh has no negativity, no duality. Negativity will only come when you are negative and positive and you have duality.  But you have a personality of a Sikh, then there is no duality; then everything is super positive, because it’s a dedicated thing.

Yatra is Yatra and it is just done for the sake of the spirit, the soul, it has nothing for the physical comfort and discomfort.

So Khalsa of the Guru, this is a straight calling, with no hesitation whatsoever, with no… It is not an intellectual trip or a bookish trip; it’s not reading the paper, fifty papers and become professor so and so; it is absolutely not. There is no rotten stuff here.  It is just the grand glow of the Khalsa going through the layers of populous Punjab, letting them know ‘there lives the spirit of Guru Gobind Singh now and forever,’ and we have to take care of it.

GT with sunMy beautiful, wonderful grandfather told me, “Yes, the state is yours.  This world is yours and people bow to you, but if you do not have a value to carry your head and walk tall, one day your head will roll in the dust; so correctly earn the right values.”

And I said, “Where I can earn that?”

And he said, “From the Guru.” And he said, “Go and learn; learn the Guru; learn the values of the Guru.”

And I have asked you when you are coming with me on this Yatra, we are going to the house of Guru Ram Das where we come from; where we belong to.  We are going back home and there is no more comfortable feeling than that.

I am asking you, let us go to Amritsar, let us go to house of Guru Ram Das and let us carry the bright beautiful spirit of the Khalsa and go through the layers of Punjab, the populous; and go through it for just sharing, for caring, for compassion, for kindness and as an honorable courtesy because that gave us the house of the Guru.

‘Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.’

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