Excerpt from “The Story of Nations” Lecture

Now I do not know what this healing business is, you know, at that time I have no idea. So they were about seven, eight hundred people sat together and they said, “Heal us.” Now for me the difficulty was that if I don’t heal them, they will be disappointed; if I heal them I don’t know. So I asked one Mexican guy, “What do they do?”

He said, “They go in church, they sit down and kneel down and they pray and they are healed.”

I said, “Well, far out, all right; take that open space; ask them to make a tantric circle; we will sit and we will…”

They all sat in that very unisonness and they prayed and I asked them, “I am going to chant Sat Nam, you will answer me back by Wahe Guru.” So we did that for about an hour and I said, “You are all healed.  Get up.”  You won’t believe it.  They all got healed.  I had the most relieved time of my life.  It is true. They came with crutches, they came with bandages, they came and they just open it right there and they were all healed.  I had such a relief that… You know I am standing before you, I am admitting, it’s not, it’s, it’s, it is little catholic training of mine, that I have to confess.  But fact is, I was myself surprised and afterwards if any Mexican ever comes and kneel down and say, “Maestro touch me, heal me.”, I say, “You are already healed, saved my touching even. And they, there is a different world there.

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